Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

--I am loving that I finally got around to cleaning out Brody's Closet, it was a mess!! I packed away his clothes that were getting too small and his winter clothes for Hudson. It is fun knowing that I have another boy to wear his clothes! Now I don't feel bad about spending a little more on things since they will go thru 2 boys, it if makes it, haha. I am sure this clean closet won't last long!

-- I love when kids match, evern when families do so I am really loving that all of the boys matching outfits for this summer, just to show a few!

--I am loving being the Mother to these two precious boys! My heart is so full it could just bust!!!! I never thought I would be a boy mom but I love it and wouldn't change it for anything! As I was pregnant with Hudson (before I knew he was a boy) I just prayed that I would be blessed with a healthy baby and that the Lord knew if I needed to be the mother to another little boy or a little girl. I prayed to be blessed with whichever I would be able to be the best momma too and I was blessed with another little boy. I love my boys more than they will probably ever know!!

--I'm loving my boys and how great of a big brother Brody is!!!! He loves his little baby Hudson so much! He has not been jealous one time and has been so sweet to Hudson!!!! He says they are "Best Friend's." I hope that they always will be!!!
--I am loving this cute smile! Brody saw me give Hudson a little bath in the sink at their Grandpa Roland's over the weekend and the next day he wanted one too! It was adorable because he just thought it was awesome that he was getting a sink bath, it was his 1st one. He thought it was "hilarious" and I thought it was priceless. I want to keep him (Hudson too) little forever where everything is fun and special.

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Workman Family said...

CUTE!! I also need to desperately clean out my kids' closets. You just inspired me=) Hope you had a wonderful Easter!