Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Atlanta, GA

We are going to be heading to Atlanta, GA for a week coming soon and I was wondering for those of you who live there, around, or visited if you could let me know some fun things that we can do to occupy our time :)


Mrs.305 said...

Atlanta is so fun! I live just north. The Aquarium and the Zoo are great. In Cenntennial Park they have a little "splash park" thats fun for kids. There is so much to do. Tons of awesome restaurants. The Coca Cola factory, Furnbank Museum.

Robyn Beele said...

Everything the person said above it a must! The aquarium is awesome. Cenntennial Park and the Coca Cola Factory are right beside it. Also check out Stone Mountain park. They are a laser show at night. Very cool! Have fun!

Brittany said...

Hi from Jenna's again. Just commented on your other post.. but I saw Atlanta, GA and I had to say something! That is where i am from! I LOVE Atlanta!! We are in Arkansas now.. but hope to get back there one day. I agree with the other girls.. Zoo, Aquarium, Stone Mountain.. They have weekend bundle passes for certain locations you could get and save some $!