Saturday, July 7, 2012

20 Random Facts- 30 things link up

I thought it would be fun to join in on the Thirty Things.....
 I saw it on Boots, Bows, and the 5-OH and thought that it would be fun.. Join in if you want!

20 Random Facts about ME

1. I always wanted to be a Mom! I played with baby dolls until I as in 7th grade, yes 7th grade. Lee Middleton dolls were my favorite I even had a real Graco baby stroller that I picked out of the JcPenny catalog for my babies. It was a dream of mine that is now a reality!

2. I love my married last name  but way deep down I LOVE my maiden name and my  maiden monogram LLL.

3.  I have 3 older sisters and 1 younger brother. Our ages ranger from 37-14. I always think it is neat to say my mom had my little brother when she was 42. I can't imagine being pregnant at 42 now that I've done it, haha.

4. My husband and I were only together for 6 months before he proposed and then we waited 2 1/2 years to get married

5. I lived in the same house my whole life, so blessed and lucky that I never had to move and I have all the memories from one home. My parents still live there and I live right beside them so now my boys get to make memories there too! I've been making memories there for 24 years now!

6. We live in the house that my Grandmother lived in.

7. Love living by my parents.... we share a driveway, our backyards join, we even share the same trash pick-up. Not saying it has been easy especially for my husband at times ( so close to his in-laws) but it is wonderful!

8.  I was raised in church and always worked in the nursery and now I am raising my own kids in church and still working in the nursery :)

9. I used to be obsessed with underwear like I had a real problem. I had about 300 pair at one time.

10. I am not a huge fan of T.V. I have a few shows I record and watch, If I have time.

11. If my TV is on during the day it is on a cartoon or music channel 826--The Spirit

12. I'm a daddy's girl. When I was young, I would hardly let him out of my sight..haha some might say I'm still like that!

13. I think when I was younger I tried everything and really never stuck to anything, I like to say I was well-rounded by trying it all! (Piano, flute, clogging, ballet, tap).

14. I played softball until I was about 13. I was a cheerleader from elementary to high school and played tennis. So I did stick with those...haha

15. I have had 4 vehicles since I turned 16. I have still have an emotional attachment to each of them in some way, haha.

16. I secretly love having babies I think I could do labor and delivery every day but I am not the biggest fan of being pregnant. But.. I am so very thankful and blessed that I am able to have children on my own and I DO NOT take that for granted!

17. I love to clean my house and i love having a clean house sometime it is just finding the time!

18. I am a very calm, easy going, go with the flow kinda gal! I very rearely get mad, I mean I hardly ever get mad. You mess with my family though, that would make me MAD!!!!

19.  I LOVE LOVE my sisters and brother. They are my best friends! We all get along and always have, never fight or anything, love them!!!

20. Me and Timmy met on a blind date, thank goodness I went :)


Jennie said...

These Were so fun to read!! You're an awesome momma!! My husband would flip if we lived so close to my parents--that's great that your husband doesn't mind!! =)

Dreams Do Come True said...

I love #4 that you were only together 6 months.

I am on car #5

#17 I cleaned my house top to bottom every day sometimes twice a day until May 25th. when I had to have open heart surgery. Some of my family come over and clean for me but I have "MY WAY" of doing things and its hard for me to watch them and be ok with it. My surgery was 15 hours long so it has been pretty tough.

Would love if you would visit my blog at
Dreams Do Come True

Paige said...

I love your random facts! How fun that you have such a big family? I dream of thy :)