Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Timmy!!

It seems hard to believe that when Timmy and I met he was only 20 years old and today he is celebrating his 27th birthday. We have spent the last 7 years doing so many things and have had so many great years and birthday's to celebrate and be thankful for and I am so blessed to say that!

Happy 27th Birthday to my sweet hubby!
Thank you for all that you do for myself and our precious boys! You are a wonderful husband and father and I am so thankful for that. Of course we have had our up's and down's over the last 7 years. It is hard to believe that you were just 20 years old on our 1st date and now turning 27, but don't worry you're still young! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it!!!
Timmy got home from Atlanta last night just in time to celebrate his birthday with us! Brody has been so excited! He helped me wrap daddy's presents in cars paper ( his choice) and he couldn't wait for him to open them last night when he got home instead of waiting for today!! Brody and Timmy are sleeping in and Hudson and I are going to start on a birthday breakfast and then spend the day at the pool!


xoxo-Kristen said...

Happy birthday Timmy

Julie Rogers said...

I love how you wrapped Daddy's gifts in Cars paper:) New reader, so I thought you might be interested in our Baby Week, which starts today, at! Lots of great things, including some awesome giveaways all week long!!!