Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hudson Trent- 8 months

Happy 8 months Hudson Trent!!
( 1 week late)
It seems like each month is going by faster and faster and while I love watching my Sweet boy grow and hit new milestones I wish he would just slow down.. just a little bit!
At 8 months old...
-- You weigh 20.5 lbs
-- You are wearing 12-18 months in clothes
-- Size 4 diapers
--You are crawling and into everything! You love to pull up and you often let go, I think you will be walking soon!
--You have your two bottom teeth and they are so cute! I think you are working on another
- You are such a happy boy! You are Mr. Smiley-- You will smile for anyone!
--You still nurse
--You love all baby food and snacks!!
--You say Dada and your own little language
-- You are such a blessing and joy!!!!!

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