Friday, December 14, 2012

Hudson- 10 Months

10 Months old

Hudson Trent
Wow I can't believe I am already writing this post (which I do believe I skipped a 9 month post but not too much has changed since then.) It just doesn't seem like he should already be 10 months old. It is crazy how fast this year is going by!

Hudson you are such a happy little boy! You smile and light up anytime anyone talks to you or says your name! Your little smile brings so many people so much joy! You laugh and giggle all the time! You have started clapping when you get excited and you clap over everything and this Momma thinks it is the cutest thing ever!

You weigh about 21-22 lbs and are 30 inches long. You are wearing a size 4 in diapers and anywhere from 12-18 months in clothes and about a size 4 in shoes! You have 4 top teeth and 3 bottom! You are still breastfeeding, and love all kinds of foods. We have started some table foods and you love it! You like most baby foods still except for peas and green beans. You love drinking out of a sippy cup especially your big brothers!

You crawl everywhere of course and have even been taking a few steps. You can stand on your own and then you lower yourself back to the floor. You take a few steps here and there so I don't think it will be to long until you are walking.

You say Dada all the time, and Mama occasionally. You love playing with your big brother and it just melts this Mamas heart seeing you two interact and hearing you all laugh together, so sweet!!!!

You are such a joy and a blessing in my life sweet baby boy!!!!!!

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