Thursday, January 3, 2013

A little Christmas Recap 2012

Wow, Christmas has come and gone and a new year has begun! Seems like 2012 went by so super fast, I want to soak in 2013!

We had a wonderful Christmas, it couldn't have been any better! Brody is at a super fun age and he was really into everything Christmas involved. He loved Santa and he called him quite often to tell him what he wanted (which changed all the time). His Elf on the Shelf-YAYA was the 1st thing he looked for each morning! It was so much fun to see the magic of Christmas in his little eyes! This was Hudson's 1st Christmas and he started walking on Christmas Day! He had been standing and taking steps prior to but he really just started taking off on Christmas! I think it must have been all the excitement of the presents and wrapping paper!

Brody was in the Christmas program at church this year, he just had a little saying, A baby oh so small, slept in the cattle stall. We have just recently built onto our church and expanded and it is beautiful! We were just settling into the new part of our church this year, so things were kept simple!

Christmas Eve we are always at my parent's house with my whole family, which is so much fun! I love when were all "home" and together! My Parents cook a big feast and then we all settle in to open presents! There are 13 of us (15 including my parents) so you can imagine all of the laughter, paper flying, and boxes! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I have 3 wonderful sisters, 3 awesome brother in laws, one awesome baby brother, and 2 adorable nephews! Plus I can't forget my sweet husband and precious baby boys and my Amazing Parents!! My sweet Grandma celebrated Christmas with us too! Brody was not feeling well on Christmas eve, he had a bad headache and was running a fever. He got loved on alot by all of his aunties and he woke up when he knew it was present time!


Christmas Eve night Brody wrote a letter for Santa and left him milk and cookies and off to bed we went! He ran a high fever at bedtime but was feeling better when we woke up Christmas Morning at 8:00 to see if Santa had visited! He was veyr exctied by all of the wonderful things that Santa brought. He said I must have really been a good boy this year!


Later on Christmas Eve day Timmy's family came over to celebrate!! We missed his brother Chris alot (He is deployed to Africa with the Army) and his wife Alex and my new sweet nephew, Hunter!

Now the decorations are down and toys are still being put away and this momma is still trying to recuperate from Christmas! So very blessed this Christmas season! 

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