Friday, February 6, 2015

I'm back!


     Wow, was my last blog post really in October of 2013? Where does the time go? I strongly agree with this saying, " The days seem long but years seem so short." So much has changed and happened since I last blogged... We have moved to a new state, bought, a new house, husband accepted a new position, Brody started Kindergarten, Hudson became a toddler, and we welcomed a new BABY into our family! I am so thankful and super blessed for all of the good changes that have happened and can't wait to share more! I hope to bring more reviews/giveaways of some great products and share the happenings of life as a Mom with THREE little boys!


Awais said...

wow beautiful you baby. Thanks for sharing with us, about your family.

Dana said...

Beautiful picture! What's the new ones name?