Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sticky Monkey Labels

Are you looking for the perfect way to label your Children's school supplies, sippy cups, snack containers, or any other item you can think of because the labels are just so cute that you want to Label anything and everything? Then look no further than Sticky Monkey Labels!

They have label packs for everything! They have allergy labels, day care labels, iron on labels, chalkboard labels, shoes labels, custom labels and so much more!

I love being able to label things so they boys won't lose them as they go to school, church, library, and friends houses. Anything to make this mom of three boys just a little easier, right?

I got an adorable Madras Label for Sawyer and then a green camo for Brody and Hudson.

Go check out Sticky Monkey Labels to see the rest of what they have to offer, you will love everything!

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