Thursday, July 17, 2008

12 Week Apointment

So I had my 12 week doctors appointment this past Monday and everything went very well. The appointment wasn't with my doctor this time but with a midwife. She checked me and the all of that wonderful stuff and said everything felt and looked great, so that was good. She then wanted to listen to the heartbeat. She said she wasn't sure she would be able to hear it or not just with the little machine she had since you usually can't hear it with them until you are further along. I was hoping she would find it because I drug poor Timmy to this appointment (so he could hear the heartbeat) and we waited for an hour and he was getting really impatient. So she tried and tried and all she could hear was my heartbeat and the blood going to the placenta and then finally she found it!! It was very fast 172 bpm, ut I was glad we got to hear it, always re assuring. My next appointment is my 15 week checkup on August 11th and then my ultrasound on September 15th hopefully we can find out if were having a boy or girl!!!!!

Everything is going really well, I have been feeling good and I have only gained like a pound, wonderful! I am starting to "show" a little bit, if you didn't know I was pregnant you might just think I was fat but I can tell, I will post some pictures soon!!!

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