Monday, August 11, 2008

15 weeks and 4 days

I had a doctors appointment today, it was just a check up. I am 15 weeks and 4 days today. Everything looked good and my doctor said I was measuring right and that everything looked good. I heard the baby's heartbeat and it was 142 bpm today. I am slowly gaining weight, but it is not fun. I know I know... I'm pregnant I'm supposed to gain weight, by the way I have brownies baking in the oven:) My next appointment is in 4 weeks on September 8th and then my BIG ultrasound is on september 15th, I can't wait!!!!!!! I am slowly starting to show, I have a little bump and I would say here in a few weeks I will REALLY have one.

I just can't wait to find out if were goanna have a precious little baby girl or a sweet little boy, and it doesn't matter to me, as long as they are healthy. I'm just so excitied, I want to start on the nursery and start buying things so give me about a month:)

Okay so I thought I better add a picture, here I am at 15 weeks and 4 days!!!
Well i just wanted to let everyone know how Me and Baby Roland were doing.. I will start posting more as I am starting to grow!!!


Sarah Plummer said...

Yay Lea, Im so
by the way, your belly looks what I look like every day! You look amazing!

Ashley C said...

Hey Girl! Glad I got to stop and see you the other day. This is cool, I hope you keep up with it so I can watch that cute little belly grow. Love ya!