Tuesday, August 26, 2008

17 weeks and 2 days

I am 17 weeks and 2 days as of today, and everythig is great. I wanted to update everyone to let you know that I have been feeling Baby Roland kicking around alot now!! I first felt it last week when I was laying on the couch at night and it was on my left side and it just felt like 3 little pats on my stomach. It was so neat!!! I have been feeling every night since then, and actaully today is the first day I have felt it during the day. I guess he/she is getting bigger and more active!!! I am slowly getting more of a baby belly. Timmy is so sweet he took me to Motherhood maternity to get some new clothes on Sunday. I was holding off til I absolutly had to. All of my clothes are too small and won't button so I have just been wearing them unbuttoned with logn shirts, but I think Timmy was feeling sorry for me. He said "Honey we have to go get you some clothes that fit." So we did and he picked them all out. Very sweet of him. I go back to the doctor on the 8th, I wonder how much weight I will have gained by then? I have been feeling great!! I jsut get a little tired, but other than that I'm just wonderful!

Here is a picture of me and Timmy this past weekend, neither of us are looking really but you can see my belly. I need to start taking weekly pictures, I will I will.....




Sarah P said...

LEA! I love those pics! You didn't tell me that you felt he/she moving...that is so cute...I think maybe I would have cried. Haha. Anyway...you look awesome in the pics, but I noticed something else that was bigger too :) you left that part out!

Anonymous said...

Leah, you look absolutely gorgeous!!! Just glowing! And I agree with Sarah P. Bet Timmy is loving that cleavage! Ha! Ha! Can't wait to see more pics! Love ya! Connie S.
(Ben says "Hi!")

Anonymous said...

Girl!!! You look beautiful in your pics!! I love your belly!! My mom thinks your adorable, lol... I love you!