Monday, September 15, 2008

It's a ....................................

BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at how perfect he already is!!!!!!!!!

This is my favorite picture, I just think he is beautiful:)

A sweet little baby boy!!! I just knew that it would be. I had a feeling all along!!! Everything looked perfect and all is developing right. He is already sooo cute. We were sitting there watching him on the screen and all of a sudden he raises his little arm and waves his hand at us and then points one little finger, just like he knew we were there. It was amazing. It all seems soo real now. We have yet to offically decide on a name but here is what is in the running....


I am super excitied to finally know and to know that he is very healthy. He almost weighed one pound already. It was just amazing to see him, and to know that I am going to have a baby boy. I am 20 weeks and one day today, and measuring about a week ahead.

Here are his pictures from the Ultrasound, isn't he perfect???? Look at his little hand!!!

Look how big his hand is!!! This was right after he waved at us

Then he pointed at us!!

**20 weeks and one day**
So here I am, I am getting HUGE but I have to understand I am pregnant and I can't help it. Don't you just love the maternity jeans;)


Briana Turner said...

Aw Lea I am so excited for you! You're going to have a little boy!! :) You still look as beautiful as ever, even in those maternity jeans girl! lol Love ya!

Sarah Plummer said...

Lea, I love the new pics! He's so cute, lol already! I just want him to hurry up bc I can't stand the wait! Haha. Anyway, you seriously look awesome, and I LOVE the jeans and shirt! Stop beating yourself up already! You seriously look GREAT!