Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What are goanna name this baby?

We are still very excitied to be having a baby boy!! We still haven't decided on a name, I keep telling Timmy we have to so I can get monogrammed stuff and he says No way not for a boy, but he will see. I really love the name Brody and I think that is probabaly what it will be (I hope). I told him I need to know now though, I want to start calling him his name.

I have been buying stuff for Baby Roland. I already bought his nursery bedding, it is sooo cute. I wanted to get the bedding first so we could match the paint colors and get his room started. But first.. Timmy has to sell the old car in the garage, so his weights that are in the baby's room can go out there and all of our other junk. So once that happens, we will start painting the room. I want to do the walls two colors, with white trim around the middle I think. Here is the bedding we got...

Me and Titus went to Wal-mart today for his birthday and we had to get the baby a little something, so here is what he picked...

Oh and I thought I would leave another picture of my growing belly.. 20 weeks and 2 days

One more thing.... I just have to brag on my super sweet husband for a few minutes. Not only did he clean the house today... he made the bed, did 2 loads of laundry, I even walked in and he was cleaning the carpet? Not only did that suprise me but then he gave me an early birthday present because I gave him an early one for is birthday. My birthday isn't until October 13th so I was excitied and LOOK AT WHAT HE GOT ME!!! You don't even know how excitied I was and still am! Just so you know.. buying me a new dooney and bourke purse isn't the only reason I think he is wonderful, but it sure helps;)


Majal said...

lea!!!! that bedding is ADORABLE!!! and you look so cute too!!! i can't believe how much you can see from the ultrasound pic!!! i mean, his face is there and everything!!!! i will definitely see you on saturday for the reunion! love ya!

Mary Kate said...

Thanks for the comment!! What a cute baby belly & great blog!! I look forward to keeping up with 'baby Roland' throughout your pregnancy! best of luck!!

daniella said...

Lea, you're incredibly sweet. I briefly browsed through your blog and couldn't help but adore you. Thanks for your compliments!

I loved being pregnant, even though I had heartburn that radiated down to my knees! Now she's 13 months and I don't know where the time flew by. I know you're probably thinking that you still have almost 20 more weeks to go but treasure every week! Once the baby comes it's a big whirlwind from there and almost no sleep. My best advice (not that you asked but it's good advice!) is to cuddle, rock and love him as much as you can in the first few months because before you know it the time will fly by and you'll forget how small he once was. Take lots of pictures and VIDEOS! I regret not doing that.

Ok, that was long, sorry. Glad you visited my blog!

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

Okay how cute is that belly? Adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog. About the spray-tan TOTALLY safe because it is a sugar base product. My doctor gave me the okay and then I also did my own little research on it. I know the tanning place itself may not let you get one unless you give them a written notice from your doctor, in which I had to do.

I did it my entire pregnancy. It was great.

Congratulations on your new arrival, that is very exciting. I am always adding mommy tips on my blog when I am not talking about my check back often and if you don't mind I will peak in here on yours from time to time too, to see how the pregnancy is coming along.

God Bless.