Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Shower and Dolly Parton!!!

I had the best weekend ever!!!!!! A baby shower and a Dolly Parton concert all rolled up into one weekend, what more could you ask for, right?

Saturday was my baby shower that my mom and sisters gave and it was a lot of fun!!! So many people showed up and I got so many cute things for little Baby Brody, I can't wait for him to get here so I can use everything. My sisters got me the Chicco stroller and infant seat and put it together for me and I LOVE IT!! I have pushed it around, haha I can't wait to actually get to use it. I got a lot of other great things, gliders, bouncy seats, pack n play, clothes, towels, socks, shoes, bath stuff, bibs, etc. I have tried to put everything up in his room but I'm already running out of space and I still have another shower in November. I was so thankful for everyone who came and all the gifts for my little boy:)

Here is a picture of me at my baby shower I was one day short of being 26 weeks!! Look at that belly

On Sunday My mom, sisters, cousin, and friend went to Louisville to see Dolly Parton (this was my birthday surprise) and it was amazing!!! I just love her, it was such a good concert. I will say she is even smaller than I imagined with even bigger boobs..haha you weren't allowed to take pictures so I wasn't able to get any but she was great!!! If you don't like her you need to listen to her new album, so good. I love her song "Jesus and Gravity." Go Listen!

Oh and another great thing that happened this last weekend was my little brother Titus was baptized!!!!! How exciting!!!! He is 11 years old and such a sweet young man that has chose to accept Christ as his savior. I am so proud of him!!! My Dad and Uncle Joe baptized him and the neat thing is that he got baptized in the pond (yes it was freezing) behind our house, which is where our dad was baptized as a young child and our uncle.


Sarah P said...

Ahhh! I love your blog. I loved those little cowboy boots for little Brody. So cute. Aslo, I haven't heard any of Dolly's new songs, but I def love her! I think she is so pretty too, haha.
Also, I almost got emotional seeing those pics of Titus, that's so great! I'm so happy for you Lea!

krit said...

i'm so glad i made it to your shower! you look great! and i love the part about titus, very sad and of course emotional for me lol :) i love you!!!

Jenna said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am so excited about the stroller! Congratulations to Titus on his baptism!

Robin said...

congrats to your brother! that's awesome! i had one of my small group girls accept christ this past weekend at our house. whoohoo...i've prayed for hannah for 5 years. god is good. you're looking radiant! oh and I love those zebra flats! cute.