Friday, October 3, 2008

More pictures of nursery in progress

So here are More pictures of Baby Roland's Nursery in progress. The stripes were alot harder than we thought and they ended up turning out pretty good for free handing. We didn't have a level and our yardstick was warped, so I think it looks pretty good!!! My mom helped, Timmy, My dad, I did some, and my little brother well you can see by the picture what he did. It is almost finished!! We just need to get the furniture put together!!

Finished Stripes!!!


Majal said...

I love it, girl! How sweet! It's so adorable how everyone helped out, too! So much love already in that room!

Keep me updated!

Sarah Plummer said...

Lea, I love it! Is Timmy excited? I think it looks awesome! So excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I love the nursery! The stripes look awesome!

daniella said...

Looking good! I like how your mom is wearing a red silk gown while paining. Too funny.