Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Growing and Growing and Growing

I keep growing and growing and growing, and I do not like it!!!!!!!! I hate to be like that, but you just don't feel very good when everything looks awful and you feel uncomfortable but I know it will all be worth it when i hold my little precious boy in my arms and I just keep telling myself that, and I will just have to work out extra hard after he is born!!!

The nursery is still underway, we had to end up sending the crib and dresser back but kept the changing table because the whites did not match. We wanted bright white like the changing table and the crib and dresser was more of an antique white, so we ordered the crib and it should be here next week probably. We have time though.

I am 23 weeks and 3 days today... my next doctors appt. is next Wednesday for a check up. My belly really is big, I keep thinking maybe when they see me this next time my due date will be back to the original January 17th, wouldn't that be wonderful? I guess I am just a big pregnant momma.. and that's fine:)

We have FOR SURE decided on a name.. well a first name anyway.. BRODY!!!!! We are still working on a middle name!

I love that fall weather is here for the most part. Me and Timmy carved pumpkins last night mine is little bitty and Timmy got this HUGE pumpkin.. we also made a fall decorating in out front in our yard that looks really pretty.


Anonymous said...

aww... Lea.. you look so cute pregnant:) I love it! :) --Alyssa

Robin said...

I know you might feel huge and believe me...I was HUGE with twins. Just try to enjoy those kicks while you can because it's only a little while and once he's born, it'll be strange to be able to breath and not feel kicking anymore. :)

Robin said...

this will make you feel better. lol

Sarah P said...

Lea,girl seriously stop worrying about how big you are getting, you look AMAZING. I know when I'm pregnant I will be huge everywhere, you just have a little basketball under your shirt! Haha. Anyway, I'm so glad things are going well and that your little boy is healthy! Wait a second, I can call him Brody now! I can't wait to meet precious Brody! Miss and love you girl!

Midwest Prep said...

Oh my goodness I have the same shirt! My husband bought it for me- he loves it. I feel very autumnal when I wear it :)
I have been feeling very large this week (23 weeks) as well.
I feel like it is mostly belly, but I swear that my butt got a little bigger because my skinny jeans (not ones I wear when I am thin, but the skinny leg style-pre-pregnancy, but very low so they still fit) are very tight. I am almost out of my college fat jeans, and then I only have one more pair of Troser jeans that used to be way too big but now work fine. They don't work that welll because of all the baggy shirts- you can't do wide leg pants and empire waist tops! I need new jeans asap! any ideas?


wow arent those ultra sounds just too cool. hi there i found your blog on danellas and your baby to be is so cute god bless i would like to stop by every now and then if that is ok, and please feel free to stop by and say hi too. have a blessed day and congraudations this is a blessed exciting time youll get to meet a child of gods how cool.