Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Doctor's Appointment

I had a check up today and everything went well. I thought I was just going in for a check u and then they surprised me with saying I was doing my one hour glucose test today, and I had no idea. Which I think you are supposed to fast before you do this, so I have heard, did you? Well I definitely didn't fast I had pancakes this morning before I went. So anyways.. I had to down this orange drink ( think real sugary orange pop that tastes flat) within 5 minutes and then wait an hour and they drew my blood. If my numbers are high they will call tomorrow if they don't call they are fine, but first thing I will say if they call and say they are high is I had just eaten pancakes and syrup..haha. So anyways... everything went fine, they can easily find Brody's heartbeat every time, it was 144. My belly is measuring just right and she said everything looked great, so wonderful:) I go back in two weeks, the day before Thanksgiving.

I have a baby shower this weekend in Mt. Sterling and I can't wait!! It will be so fun!! It is Timmy's family and alot of them haven't saw me since I have been really pregnant with a big belly so I would say they will all be suprised. Can't wait to see all the cute stuff I will get for Brody!!

Sorry I haven't posted a belly pic from this week yet, I may get one if not I will get one for next week!