Thursday, November 27, 2008

So many things to be thankful for..

I have definitely been slacking with updating my blog so I thought I better get back to it. Happy Thanksgiving, just a little late. I am getting uncomfortable and having a hard time sleeping so I am still up tonight past midnight when normally I am in bed by 10:00. I went in and tried to go to sleep but it just wasn't working, and I didn't want to wake Timmy up since he is working in the morning.

Our Thanksgiving was really good.. We went to Timmy's side of the family for lunch and then back home to my family for dinner and then our family tradition of going to the movies. We saw Four Christmases it was pretty good, besides the fact that my back was killing me and I was super hot, that will probably be my last movie for awhile.
There are just so many things for me to be thankful for. I am thankful for my wonderful husband, my family, my friends, God, my healthy pregnancy and my little baby boy, my freedom, my nice home, my husbands job, so many things to be thankful for!!!!!

Since the last time I updated I had my other baby shower that was in Mt. Sterling given to me by some very special people Kaye and Connie, it was a wonderful shower thank you so much!! I got a lot of wonderful things I can't wait to use and it was so good to see everyone that I don't get to see often!! Brody is so blessed, he has gotten so many wonderful things.

I am now almost 31 weeks (Sunday) and I can't believe it. This has really gone by so fast but I can't wait until Brody is here. I did have a doctors appt. yesterday and everything went good. My doctor did say that my stomach was measuring a lot bigger from the 2 weeks before and that she wanted to do an ultrasound as soon as possible to see if maybe my due date is sooner than we think (I would love that) or if he was just a big baby.. remember Timmy was almost 10 lbs. Soo.. I have an ultrasound next Monday the 8th.. I am really excited because I will get to see Brody again and plus I wouldn't mind if he may arrive sooner than we think! I have been feeling pretty good, just a little uncomfortable at times and back aches, but overall I can't complain too much.
I wanted to post a few pictures from my shower in Mt. Sterling from a couple weeks ago, look how cute my cake was!!! By the way, I have definitely grown since then I will try and post a picture soon of my belly!!