Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow .... Snow... Snow...

I woke up this morning to my hubby saying, "Lea, look outside." I did and I was excited! I was just tell my hubby yesterday that it didn't quite feel like Christmas time/ winter time but when I woke up this morning it sure did. We had snow, I love a good snow once a year and then I'm done. I would love if it would snow on Christmas but this is close enough. Since it was snowy and icy I didn't get out of my bed and it was so nice to stay in big warm bed ( my favorite place on earth) with my hubby and sleep in! I did manage to take my big pregnant self outside with my little brother and build a snowman. The snow wasn't the best for snowman building so it didn't work out to well. Here is our finished product....it's the best we could do..haha

I have been feeling pretty good this week....just the normal swollen feet/ankles hands, acid reflux, heartburn, back aches.. I have a doctors appointment on Monday and I will be 34 weeks and 1 day.. I can't wait to hit the 36 week mark so then if my little man decides he wants to come early, then come on!!!

I can't believe Christmas is only 9 days away!!!

One of my Best friends Laura came over tonight and we talked baby stuff of course, and I had her help me put together Brody's high chair and pack n play. I have had them sitting in the boxes in our dining room for awhile now wanting to put them together and I kept making myself wait, but I couldn't tonight. Let me tell ya... that stuff is harder to put together than you would think. But thanks Lar for helping me:) Here is a picture of the pack n play.. I had originally wanted the stroller system that matched this, I loved it but it was so big and bulky so that is why i want with the Chicco travel system and it had a pack in play that matched it but I just didn't like it as well.. I love this!

Anyways... Happy Snow Day to those of you who had snow and ice!!!!!


The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

Thank you for the compliments! :) Good Luck with your pregnancy! You are almost there! YAY!! You look absolutely gorgeous!
Be soooo glad that you got the Chicco travel system. We got the Graco one and OMG! I've already pulled muscles in my back from carrying that dang carseat with my 15 lb 3 mo old!!
Stay in touch! I love meeting new people through blogs! Never knew how much fun the blogging world would be! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

jenkins_k08 said...

i love you! thanks for all the comments, i'm gonna start updating atleast twice a week lol.. I love you! and tonight or tomorrow i'll post tons of pics! loveeee you


Cute pack-'n-play...unisex too. Perfect :)

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

The brown and tan colors are exactly what we have. Is that also paisley? We used the same thing, stroller, swing, and carseat also. Love it.