Saturday, April 11, 2009

Family Fun Saturday

We are having a wonderful family fun day today!! It's a beautiful day so we have been outside all day!! We got the pool opened (yay), sat on the deck, even had a bonfire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for lunch request of my nephews Zach and Landon.

We went out last night to Toro Loco to celebrate my oldest sister Tisha's Birthday, lots of fun!!

My poor sister Lindsey has poison ivy so bad, her face was so swollen this morning one of her eyes was swollen shut, its the worse cause of poison ivy I've ever saw, so you probably won't be seeing her in any of these pictures, shes not really in the picture taking mood. But my bro-in law did have a steroid shot with him so she got a shot and seems to be doing better.
Brody is up from his nap back outside for more family fun!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend!!!


Precious Moments said...

Hey, I got your comment. Yes, Brandon is a dentist. Thank God because I eat so much candy that I am always needing some dental work-ha ha!

Your little boy is growing fast!! I hope yall had a fun first Easter. Tanna

Suzette said...

What a fun weekend!! It was so nasty here today!