Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, what a wonderful day!!! This day is a very special day a long with Easter Sunday make sure to remember the true importance and have a great Easter weekend!!!!

Today all the family will be coming in and we are going out for Mexican tonight to celebrate my oldest sister Tisha's birthday and tomorrow I am sure we will just play around and color Easter eggs and then Church on Sunday and lunch at my parents and then I am sure we will head over to Timmy's family.

Our house needed cleaned so bad, I tidy every day and my house is always clean because I am OCD about it, but it really needed deep cleaned so I put Brody to bed and at 10:00 me and Timmy started cleaning we quit at about 12:30 we will finish today. It was funny though because our guest bedroom is more like my closet ( we never have guests) so Timmy wanted it cleaned he was going throughll my things telling me I hadn't carried this purse in a year and wore this in a couple months, it was funny. He said my drawers were puking out clothes, we got it cleaned and he stuff a lot in my closet so I will have to clean that out next. I will be posting some things on ebay!
Brody has a big thing on chewing/sucking on his little hands, he loves his paci but here lately he wants his hands!!!! Its kind of cute but I really don't want it to be a habit!!

Brody is daddys lil guy, he loves his daddy so much!!!
Brody is napping, I need to get up and try to finish my cleaning!!
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!!!!!!!


Suzette said...

I so wish we lived closer - It would be so fun to meet up in person! And your lil man just gets cuter with each pic you take.. If that's possible! I need to clean today, but I am so not feeeling it! ha! Have a wonderful Easter! Can't wait to see Easter day pics! :)

The Williams' said...

what a precious little polka dot outfit! where did you get it?

Mommy In Pink said...

oh wow...what a cutie!


i loveeeee it! happy easter brody, lea, & timmy!! p.s. timmy sounds just like josh when i cleaned our house a few weeks ago, except he didnt have much to say when i started cleaning out his closet! ahaha. love you

Brittney said...

He is so cute! I can't believe how fast they grow up, and I'm NOT looking forward to it! Will you come clean my house. I am NOT OCD and I'm a terrible housekeeper. Our house isn't dirty, but it gets cluttered so easily (maybe because we have a 3 year old tornado). :)

Abbi said...

love the polka dots!!
have a wonderful Easter!!!