Thursday, May 14, 2009

Help with Rice Ceral and Juice??

So I took Brody to the Dr last week for his 4 month check-up and the Dr. told me I could start him on Rice cereal, juice, fruits and veggies if I wanted. I decided I wanted to try him on rice cereal and some juice.. both have been a NO GO!!!

I know it may take a few times for them to acquire the taste and get used to the change, but how long? I tried about a tablespoon of rice cereal last night with 4 tablespoons of breast milk and he hated it. He basically cried while I tried it and was NOT having it. Should it be kind of thick or more runny?

I decided I would try a little juice in a bottle today, just thinking he might like the different taste and he HATED it too!!!!!!! Does it just take awhile? Please give me some tips and tricks!!!!!!!!!!


Robin said...

make the cereal really runny and once he gets the hang of it, then thicken it a little bit at a time. Luke and Taylor have never like anything the first time. lol just be patient...don't feel pressured...try it once a day and eventually one day he'll get it. My babies didn't like apple juice until recent and don't stress about that either. milk's better for them to fill up on juice is good when they get constipated though. lol

Blake's Momma said...

I wish I knew what to tell you. Blake will take a few bites of cereal but then he loses interest. I have tried it really runny and a little thick and he just isn't that interested either way. They told me no juice yet - isn't that funny! I guess breastmilk is all they need until 1 year and even then it's supposed to be half juice half water. I don't think it's an exact science -everybody's experience is different.

If you find anything that works let me know! Blake still won't take a bottle no matter what is in it.

Misty Rice said...

Coming from two kids and two different experiences.

If he is crying, I would wait a couple of weeks and try again. Dont' try more than that. He may not be ready, especially breast babies.

Experience #1 with Hunter my oldest, I started him on cereal about 4 months. He took it well, but his digestive system didn't. He became so constipated, so bad we had to use things to help him go.

Next time you try, make sure its not too thick or too thin, but do make in more on the soft thin side than the thick. His tongue and swallowing need to develop and learn how to handle things in thicker texture but in baby steps.

With Morgan, I waited till about 6 months I think... gosh I have to back and see now. I think I only gave it to her at night to help her sleep through the night. And we only did that night cereal feeding for awhile to let her stomach get use to the change.

Then I increased to once in the AM and then bedtime.

Now at 1 years old she eats all regular foods and regular meal times and snacks in between with no issues in her digestive system.

Although, she was pretty sensitive to things with chunks for awhile, but now she is a pro.

Hope that helps

The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

hey girl! I hate that Brody is having a hard time with his cereal. the first time that we gave G cereal it was a little runny but not too much. You will just have to try out different consistancies to figure out what he likes best. Maybe you could try a flavored single grain cereal as well. Graham LOVES the rice and apples...and the oatmeal and bananas. i even read that you could add juice to the cereal instead of milk/water/formula for a lil added flavor.
and Graham is 8 months old and still isn't crazy about juice.
I hope it gets better!

Lyryn said...

I wouldn't go to the juice until he starts taking the breast milk with cereal. I'm trying to think... We started Jayden on cereal when was 3 1/2 months. It was more runny at first , but he might not be getting anything out of the bottle because the cereal is making the milk too thick. That might be why he won't take the bottle. What kind of nipple are you using? You need to get a stage three nipple so the milk will even come out. Try that and let me know... I think we tried a few other things too... but let me know.

Sarah and Nick said...

I worked in a preschool this past year. The teachers in the infant room would mix cereal with a fruit or veggie baby food if the babies were having trouble taking either one. It made the baby food thicker, and the babies seemed to like that better. I have had no personal expeience of my own though. However, the teachers tricks seemed to work.

Amber Ellis said...

My doctor suggested a tablespoon of cereal to an ounce of milk. Try that. It may have been too thick. As he gets used to it, you can gradually add more and he will be fine. I'm no expert, but it worked for Wyatt.

Also, with the juice, I would do half juice, half water. I still do that a lot, just so he isn't getting so much sugar. Be careful with apple juice. It can give some babies belly aches.

Rob and Amy said...

It can take up to a month for a baby to really learn if they like a food or hate it. Try the rice cereal again, it could have been just b/c it was completely new to him. Then try the baby oatmeal with breast milk....and the best piece of advice I can give you is to hold off with juice and fruits, and really introduce vegetables first. The little one I Nanny for was introduced to fruits way too early so she will only eat sweet things now, and won't eat any vegetables =( If they don't know there are sweet things, then it doesn't hurt them. I would just suggest vegetables and water, cereal or baby oatmeal..even the flavored oatmeals, but hold off on sweets =) And when you do veggies, start with things that are semi mild...carrots, maybe peas. Green beans and such are rather "strong" tasting veggies, so they can be really taken back! But stick with them for at least 5 or 6 feedings because it really can take a while for a baby to learn if they really enjoy them or not. When you introduce a new one, mix it on the spoon with an older veggie and then slowly introduce the new one all by itself. Hang in there =)

Surrounded By Boys said...

My kids never had an adverse reaction to food, but if they did, I would try the following:

1) Rice cereal should be as runny as possible not really even thicker than just milk. Did you nurse him first and then try just a couple of spoonfuls? I think I would do that so that he's not SUPER hungry when you are introducing it.
2) With the juice, I would maybe try a few drops on my finger and put that in his mouth just so he gets the taste of it. If he uses a pacifier, you could dip that in juice and give it to him, too, so he could get the taste.
3) I did start my kids on fruits and veggies at 4 months, but not until after they had gotten the hang of rice cereal. Did you try the kind with banana flavor? My kids liked that the best.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have never commented before just been a stalker:) I am a mom of two with a third due this July. I am surprised your doctor said to go ahead and try juice. If I was you I would wait. They get nothing from juice except empty calories and sugar. I would wait. Mine didn't get juice until way after one. Just my opinion!!! As for the rice cereal it should be somewhat runny at first and maybe mixed with a little applesauce. I didn't start rice until six months so be patient. He will love it at some point.

Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy said...

here's my two sense....
DO NOT GIVE JUICE!!! THEY DO NOT KNOW THEY WANT IT IF YOU DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM....THEY DON'T NEED THE SUGAR!!!!! i only give it REALLY DILLUTED now that it is summer and i want to keep him hydrated- but my son will GULP down water in his sippy as if it was sugar water bc that is all he knows!!

cereal- try the baby oatmeal- earth's best brand.
my son preffered that and we still offer it sometimes.
mix a little applesauce into either cereal (trust me, it's fine to introduce a little applesauce before vegetables!)

runny, but not TOO runny....

let him hold the spoon and play with it, practice putting it in his mouth- that way he'll understand what is happened and what to do when you try feeding worked for us!

Jessica said...

Let me know it goes!! I'll be starting Harbor soon...


I have absolutely no advice and i just want to be funny & say you have yourself a boob man. he isnt gonna give those up anytime soon lol. love you. come see me

Jennifer said...

Brody didn't like the taste of rice cereal alone. We tried it like that a few times and he would cry and spit it at us. I started mixing a little baby food into it to flavor it and that is when he started to eat it. He still will not eat it plain but we just mix about 1/2 cup with water then put baby food with it and he has no idea he is even eating it.

As far as the juice goes, we aren't doing juice so I can't help you there. Our pedi told us she didn't recommend it because it is mainly sugar. It's so funny how so any doctors have such different opinions! Some at the same clinic as ours do but ours doesn't so poor Brody will just miss out in that area!