Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

We have had a busy Memorial Day weekend so far!! On Saturday we went to my sister's in Northern KY so Timmy could help my bro-in-law move stuff out of there house to a storage unit! They aer building a new house and it won't be done until July and they sold their house ( a blessing) and have to be out by June 1st. In the meantime my sister and nephews are coming to stay with my parents for a couple weeks! While they moved things I took my nephews and Brody to see Night at the museum 2, we had a lot of fun.

My nephew Zachary playing with Brody
This is my sisters little niece (her husbands brothers daughter) and Brody is 2 weeks older than her and he definitely out weighs her!!! Just by about 2 lbs, but she is longer than him! Thought it was cute they were color coordinated

Brody before Church this morning
Me and Brody after church this morning, we kind of matched in our seer sucker patterns!

Me and my little man in front of my beautiful rose bush! Don't mind the frizzy hair, it was sooo humid here today!!
My sister Lindsey and Brody after church

My cousin Grace is getting ready to graduate and today was her Graduation Party! So off we went on a little walk to her house for her party!
Grace and my Aunt Jenny (her momma)

Daddy found something Brody loved, the balloons!!! He kept hitting at them! He loves them!
Then he got so hot and tired from playing with the balloons so much, this is what he did for the rest of the party!

I decided to start Brody on a little baby food today! I started with green beans and he seemed to love them!! At first he wasn't so sure about them and he was give me this awful face while continuing to eat them and then when he was done he would laugh and smile!! I don't think he is going to be too picky, and that is good because his Momma doesn't like picky eaters!!!!:) When Timmy and I first got together he was kind of a picky eater and still is a little bit but he has came a long way!! I come from a family where we love food, cooking, and eating out and none of us are picky at all!!!!

Hope everyone has had a safe Memorial Day weekend!!!!!


corkyshell said...

I love all the pictures! And might I add, you look amazing in your church dress, very cute!

Jessica said...

I love that y'all matched in your seersucker outfits! So cute! I also love that tractor shortall! Baby boy's clothes are all so sweet! I just saw your question about the baby food & also saw that you started him on some green beans. It sounds like he did pretty well. Is he still not liking the rice cereal? I started Riley on veggies & fruits by mixing a little bit of it in w/ his cereal but if he's eating it by itself that's awesome! Oh & girl you look great! Seriously I think the only way I lost ANY weight was b/c of breastfeeding. I eat constantly & haven't worked out in months! It seems like when Riley was around 4-5 months is really when I started to get back to my old self. What's really sad is that my husband owns a gym & I have only been 3 times since I had Riley! Isn't that horrible? haha But yea, you look great in that bikini! I haven't gotten up the nerve to even try one on yet this summer!!

Paige said...

I love your pictures, as usual. I'm also still amazed at the fact that you can take little Brody to set through a movie! That is such a blessing for you! lol. Your church pictures with Brody are also adorable. And don't mind your hair??? have the cutest hair EVER!!

Emily said...

Lea... you look rocking! U look soo awesome:) yeah for you:)
Of course brody looks darling in all of his lil outfits! Like I always say.. best dressed lil guy:)
So glad you had a great weekend:)

Abbi said...

little brody is getting so big! glad you had a great weekend! cute pics as always!!!

The Pettijohn's said...

His outfits are TOO cute!!