Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mommy's lil man

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!! I wish I would have gotten a picture but me and Brody sat outside for quite awhile under a big shade tree on a blanket just playing and enjoying the fresh air!

I love having a new camera and I love the one I got! It is a canon power shot SX110IS, it is wonderful. It is a medium size camera with a big image screen great megapixels and zoom and small enough to tote around in my diaper bag, perfect!

Here are some pictures of me and lil Brody. These aren't the most flattering pictures or angles of me but we were just having fun trying out the new camera and plus Brody looks cute in them and that's all that matters!!! :)

Brody loves to stand up, his little legs are so strong and so adorable with his little fat rolls, he gets so proud of himself. Yes, I usually hold him up and he holds my hands but he wanted to show you all on his own:)Kisses from Mommy!!Out taking a little stroll in the backyard, Brody loves his stroller! Look he is even riding in it like a big boy!!!



i may have to come see him soon. he is a cutie pie :) and so is his mama.

Suzette said...

I cannot wait to get my new camera! I am hoping to get mine this weekend!

Okay, he looks way too grown up in the pic of him standing by himself! Oh my goodness he's cute! i am jealous of your beautiful weather. It's pouring here and it's supposed to rain until Sunday! :(

Abbi said...

what cute pics! that's awesome he loves his stroller! kennedy always hated hers and still does!!
very cute!

Brandi said...

The pictures are so cute.
I left you an award on my blog.

Brittney said...

He is absolutely adorable! I love the rolls on his legs. Your top in the mother's day post (I'm just now reading it) is so cute--I love the green and blue!

Emily said...

ohhhh I love all the pictures.. esp the ones of you and brody.. gosh you two are too cute:) Love it:) and love that he is sitting in his stroller like a big boy now:)