Friday, May 8, 2009

What a day...

It is going on 1:00 am and I cannot believe I am still awake, you do have to realize I am usually in the bed by 9 or 9:30, because that is when I put Brody to sleep. But its Friday night, so I am changing up my routine a bit, haha. Brody is sound asleep in his pack n play and so is his daddy, well he is not in the pack n play, but the bed. We made a late run to Wal-Mart for some things we needed and I was not tired and the boys were conked out so I tided up the house a bit and thought I would catch up on some blog reading since I had a crazy day.

Timmy started getting a really bad toothache yesterday evening, he didn't sleep all night and was in so much pain. He went into work this morning ( an hour drive) and they let him come home and we got him a dentist appt ASAP, at 10:00. He was leaving to go to the dentist and he accidentally ran over COCO, SHE IS OKAY!! He came running in and said Lea we have to get her to the vet, I also had Brody and Timmy was in so much pain from his tooth. Thank goodness we live right by my parents (we share the same driveway). So my dad said he would take the dog to the vet, while I watched Brody, and Timmy went to the dentist. Okay to make this long story a little shorter.... Coco is fine, she had a broken bone in her leg and has a little turquoise cast on, it makes me sad just to look at her but so glad it was nothing worse. The vet said where she is a puppy it will probably be healed in about 2 weeks, I will have to post a picture, it is so cute but so sad. Timmy has a bad infection and had to have a root canal today, but is feeling much better!! What a day!

We also had some visitors today in between Timmy's cousins Mandy and Roger and their little boy Kobe, it was so much fun to visit with them!!!!! We don't get to see them much so were glad they made the trip up!!!

So I decided on what camera I wanted so while we were at Wal-mart tonight we were going to get it, just in time for a lot of Mother's Day pictures... NOT.. they were sold out.. I will be ordering it though, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ME!!!

Tomorrow I am going to a Mother's Day tea at our church and my sisters are in so it will be fun! Hope everyone has a wonderful mother's day weekend!!
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL MOM!!!!!!!!!! I have the most wonderful mom in the world. She is such a strong, wonderful, loving, and caring mother!!!! I hope she has a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Also tomorrow is my cousin Grace's Senior Prom and I will be doing her makeup for the last time! I have done her makeup and sometimes hair for the last 4 years as she has gone to proms and homecomings!! She is my sweet baby cousin and one of my best friends, she has turned out to be such a beautiful young lady on the inside and out. She is so outgoing with a wonderful personality and such a wonderful christian. She is getting ready to graduate too and this chapter of her life is closing and she will be embarking on a new one that is opening. I hope you have a wonderful senior prom Grace!!! This is a picture of us last year before her Junior Prom (just a few weeks later I found out little Brody was in my belly).


Paige said...

Don't you have a love hate relationship with nights that you just cannot sleep!? I do. Which I have such a crazy work schedule, that whenever I do sleep I get up a million times through the night. That isn't fun at all. I hope Timmy's toothache is better!

Your picture of you and your cousin is beautiful. Both of you are amazingly gorgeous! I hope she has a great prom! What great memories I'm sure you have gave her by helping her get ready all of these years!

Abbi said...

you sound like me..catching up on some blog reading at 1 am!! sometimes it's the only time i can read!!
your mom is beautiful! i must say your good looks come from her!

hope you have a great weekend and happy first mother's day!!!


your mama is so pretty! :) i cant wait to see pics from your first mothers day :) love you dearly.

Jessica said...

I'm glad to hear that Coco is ok! Poor thing! I actually did my header on Not really a blog site, but it worked! Hope you have a wonderful 1st mother's day!

Preppy Coastee said...

Your cousin does not look like a a junior! She definitely looks about 22; she is so gorgeous!! You two look a lot a like! And your mother is so pretty too! Beautiful genes run in your family! I mean just look at Mr. Brody!! :)

The Gardners said...

You and your cousin could pass as twins!!!

And Happy Mother's Day to you! I'm glad you'll be getting a camera soon so I can see new pictures of sweet Brody!