Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is what we have been up to...

I'm doing a post in pictures of what we have been up to the past couple of days!!!!

Brody loves carrots now!! He loves to take the spoon to feed himself!!
Timmy started working on a project. He took our garage door down and boxed it in and put up a double door. He is making it his "Man Cave." Well he is going to put his weights and workout things and a couch and TV and some of Brody's toys!!
Kisses for Daddy on Father's Day!!

Trying out a little umbrella stroller!

My dad and Timmy grilling out steaks on Father's dayPapaw taking Brody for a little swim

Brody waiting for his Daddy to wake up on Father's Day
Brody trying out his little baby pool. The big pool is intimidating sometimes! He loves it! He has now decided he likes the big pool too though. But he likes sitting in his bumbo seat playing with his toys and toes in the water on his own! But of course with MOMMY SUPERVISION!


Abbi said...

aw.....what fun!!! love his pool!

Blake's Momma said...

My wee man loves carrots too...and green beans. I am going to try juice in a bottle to conn him into taking one. He still refuses.

Brody is adorable!