Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Brody just took his first bottle!!!! He would take a bottle ( not very happily and not very often ) of milk I pumped until he was about a month old and then he would not take a bottle at all. I tried about 7 different brands from the best to the most expensive and nothing worked at all. I never leave him and if I do it is for like no longer than 30 mins. He is my sidekick that's for sure. Of course it would have always been easier to leave him had he of wanted to take a bottle, no way not my lil man. I even tried juice recently, nope no way. So this evening I was like I have a 3 pack of bottles (LUV bottles) someone had gotten me and I hadn't tried so I decided to mix a little pear juice and water and see what happened and here you have it............... He gulped it down and drank 5 oz!!!!!


Abby said...

Babies are so funny...they opt for the regular old bottle as opposed to the expensive, top-of-the-line ones we buy for them. Figures!

Beck stopped taking a bottle in January and - literally - hasn't taken one since. Not really a fan of the sippy cup either, but he'll do it.

Brody is getting sooooo big! Cutie pie!


Look at that big boy!! ahh i love it.

Brandi said...

When Landon was born we had the hardest time finding a bottle for him the only ones we have found that he will drink from are the playtex drop ins and just cheap walmart bottles. But he would much rather eat than suck a bottle.

Jessica said...

YAY Brody!!! Such a big boy!

Surrounded By Boys said...

Aw! Just hope that future babies like the same bottles as Brody so you don't go broke trying to get different bottles for each kid! I always used Avent for my boys and they were ok with them, but had to introduce them by 6 weeks or I would have never been able to go back to work!

He really is a cutie!