Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Jennifer over at hosts "Wish List Wednesday" and I decided I wanted to join in. You should read her blog, she is such a sweet gal and has the two cutest twin girls!!

1. A Brand- New SUV

2.I really want an IPhone, my husband has one and I think I need one! Although I do love my blackberry curve, but I think it's time.

3. A personal trainer to help me shed these last 10 pregnancy pounds and to get my body back in shape!!

4. I would love to have my own embroidery (monogram) machine!! I would go monogram crazy!!

5. What else??? I really can't think of anything right now!! Well I do wish I was finished with nursing school that way I could work part time and help my husband out so he wouldn't have to work as much!!


Emily said...

adorable new blog design.. i love your header!! And i love your wish list:) i want a trainer too:) well after baby comes.. cant really work out right now!

Paige said...

Ahh, I love this list and I'm so going to do this blog too!

I would also go monogram crazzzzy! I love anything that is monogrammed. Although, I do have a lot of issues w/ getting rid of Charli's clothes because they are! I would also love a new car, but I'm dealing with what I got for now =)