Monday, July 6, 2009

6 Month Check-Up

Today was Brody's 6 month check up with Dr. Hudson. Everything went great and he is so healthy and right on track, what a blessing!!! He did pretty good with his shots and didn't cry too much. He is a little cranky this evening so I think that his little legs may be sore, they also left some small bruises :(.

His stats were:
Weight-- 18.4 lbs 90th Percentile
Height-- 26 in. 70th percentile
Head-- 17 cm

Waiting for the Dr. to come inAfter his shots


Abbi said...

go broody!! he's getting soooo big!! kennedy was always like in the 90% in her weight!!! at least you get a great muscle!!!
he's adorable!

Preppy Coastee said...

aww battle wounds!! :(