Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 6 Months Brody Luke

Brody Luke-- 6 months old!!!!

Brody Luke,

Is my baby boy really 6 months old today? I cannot believe it!!! These past 6 months since you have been in my life have been the most amazing of my life and they have seemed to have gone by the quickest. My life has changed in so many different ways in the last 6 months but all so wonderful. Each day you do something new and different that always ceases to amaze me, Brody Luke. Each day I feel so lucky and blessed to have you in my life as my baby boy. I thank God for you daily.

At 6 months old you are now eating baby food. You love anything that I give you, especially carrots, green beans, peaches, bananas, and applesauce. You are always taking a bottle now but just for juice mixed in with some water. Mommy is still breast feeding you. You sleep pretty good at night especially because mommy has broken all the rules and I let you sleep right between me and your daddy in our bed (I know I may pay for this later). It is the only place I want you to be, and I really don't care how long you sleep with us, I wouldn't have it any other way.

You are rolling over both ways now and when I lay you on the floor you scoot around and are all over the place. You love your toys, all kinds. Especially your bear, the little mouse doll Aunt Lindsey got you, and your little ducky. You love to play on the floor on your play mat and to play in your jumperoo.

You love when Mommy takes you out to the pool, but you don't like getting too hot. You are now able to reach for mommy and daddy when you want us sometimes, it is so cute. I love when you grab my face and hair and basically attack me with you mouth, I call that you kissing me!! :)
You are starting to babble a lot and make all kinds of little sounds and you are always smiling. Anytime anyone talks to you you always smile and laugh, everyone loves you!!! You are such a little ham and a flirt with the women! You love to play with your feet, when you can reach them.

You are the light of my life, the apple of my eye Brody Luke!!!!!!!! You are my baby and always will be no matter how old you are. I miss you being so small but I love watching you grow and seeing you develop and do new things. I am so thankful for you Brody Luke!!

I love you!!!


Since today you are half a year old Mommy decided to let you try some fried ice cream at the Mexican restaurant, as you can see you were wanting to go after it anyway. This was your special treat and boy did you love it!!! I only let you have a few bites but I think you would have eaten the whole thing if I would have let you baby boy!!!



love you brody. :) happy 6 months!!

Abby said...

So super cute! I can't believe that he is SIX MONTHS already! CrAzY! Where do you get all his smocked clothes from????

Ashley said...

Evy is 5 months so I relate to this post! What a precious little prince you have :o) Thank you for following my blog! xoxo

Ashley L.

amywelborn said...

So cute!!!

Emily said...

ahhh yay!! Happy six months brody! What cute pictures of the two of you!! u look amazing!! How cute is he! I wish we could meet up and i could kiss his precious lil cheeks:)

Meant to be a mom said...

He's just adorable. Happy 6 month b-day Brody.

The Gardners said...

Happy 6 months!!! Boy that seems like it flew by!

Suzette said...

I am totally getting it now, it does fly by... I cant believe we're almost to a month old already! ahh. Your little man is so precious!

The Pettijohn's said...

That bubble outfit is the CUTEST ever, love it!

What a happy momma and baby :)

Surrounded By Boys said...

That last picture of you feeding him the ice cream is SOOOOO ADORABLE! He is precious!