Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our weekend

I am just now able to do some posting from the weekend, where does the time go? So on Saturday we ventured over to Babies R Us to pick out Brody's new Wheels! I had been researching a lot on the Internet and I really thought I wanted the Chicco Umbrella Stroller but when we got there I tried a few out chicco, combi, maclaren and graco. After pushing them around and trying Brody out in a few this is the one we decided on! The Graco IPO!! I love it! It has a nice little basket, good reclining position, and it seems so much durable than some of the others! We have used it a few times and Brody loves it! Timmy's uncle got married on Saturday so we spent the afternoon/evening/late into the night at the reception, it was a lot of fun!

Timmy & his cousin Michael at the wedding!
Timmy & Brody Luke

Me & Brody

Sunday we were home and Timmy spent the day golfing so Brody and I headed on down to the Wright's to go to the annual Tollesboro Fair parade, Brody's 1st parade!! The firetrucks and the sirens really scared him at first and then he fell asleep but eh woke up for the last part of it!

Last night Brody, my best friend Laura, and myself went to watch the Miss Tollesboro Pageant! Bordy's 1st beauty pageant, haha. It was fun and he did really well until the end ( it was past his bedtime) we we headed on home!

Brody's 1st bottom tooth has came through and since Sunday he has really been working on the other one right beside it and it is just about through too!!

Not much else has really been going on here.. we have been having some cooler weather which makes it feel like fall is coming! Where did our summer go????


The Gardners said...

Brody's little dress-up outfits are so darn cute!!!

Jessica said...

oh my gosh! are those seersucker pants brody is wearing?? where did you find those? i can't find any small enough for riley for the life of me! they are soooo cute on him!

i bet he's glad that tooth is finally in! yay!!

Mika said...

You look so pretty, and I LOVE your dress!!

Abby said...

I'm so with you about summer disappearing. It's insane. We'll be celebrating Christmas before we know it.

PS. I adore Brody's RL jumper pictured below!

Abbi said...

love it!!! i'm sooo glad he loves it!!! kennedy hates her stroller!!!

love your dress!! very cute!

Surrounded By Boys said...

Looks like a great stroller. You will LOVE having something lightweight like that! My problem with umbrella strollers is that the handles are so low. I'm not tall (only 5'6") so not sure why this would be the case for me. How's this one on height?

Paige said...

I'm so happy that you found a cute stroller that will work for you guys! I'll have to take a look at that one, since I cannot seem to get content with the one I have. The picture of you and Brody is cute as always! I'm glad you all had a great weekend!

The KY weather is crazy isn't it? I can't get over how cool it has been lately. Today has finally become so much warmer than it has been. I love the cool weather and I'm so ready for fall now!

Preppy Coastee said...

I know! We totally got jipped (sp?) on a Summer; it is already cold again here in JOISEY!! :( I love brody's little outfit, he looks so handsome. How has he been w/ teething?? Carter's two bottom teeth popped 4th of July weekend when he was at his Grandma's and we were away at the beach. I was so sad; I felt like I missed this huge milestone in his life, I'm like he's never leaving my side again!! lol

Preppy Coastee said...

ohhh yes and I need your address

Meant to be a mom said...

I just love Brody's little blue pants. So cute.
Sounds like he's really getting to be a big boy, with his big boy stroller and teeth.

Burton's Blessings said...

Love the outfit! What a cute little man :)
I have been looking for an umbrella stroller too and have not decided on one yet. This helps, thanks!