Saturday, August 1, 2009

First time sitting in a high chair & Thrush!

We have been having a great weekend so far and we still Have tomorrow to go and Sunday's are always good days!! Me, Timmy & Brody went to a bunch of yard sales yesterday it was the big yard sale on 60!! I found Brody a bunch of cute outfits for some great prices!! I also found myself 2 brand new Lilly Pulitzer dresses for hardly nothing! We ate Mexican while we were out and I decided I wanted to try Brody out in a high chair, I didn't have my high chair cover with me but I did wipe the high chair down and tried using his blanket to cover it up. He LOVED it!!!! He loved sitting there being able to watch us and play with his toys plus it freed up our hands so we could eat!!! He is such a big boy!!!
Today we had a yard sale with my sister and made some extra bucks!!!

Also I was noticed some white place son Brody;s tongue today and just thought it was spit up or milk and then I kept noticing and I just knew he had Thrush. So I called the DR on call and sure enough he said that is what it sounded like so he called us in some medicine to get started on! He has been a little fussy the past few days but I think he is trying to cute some more teeth but this may have been why too? Hope it heals soon!!!
This was too funny!! Timmy has this straw in his mouth and was putting it down and blowing air out so Brody could feel the air, so Brody decided he wanted to try and he leaned up and put his mouth on the other end of the straw. It was too funny.

The waiters at the restaurant loved Brody!!! They brought us out a fried ice cream for free and of course Brody got to have some, it is one of his favs!! Haha remember he got to taste some on his 6 month birthday :)

So Brody has found a new toy... plastic hangers!!!! He was laying on my bed and I had one laying and he grabbed it and loves chewing on it!


Preppy Coastee said...

Oh man! Thrush is awful! My friends' baby had it and then my friend got it on her nipples from nursing! Ugh I felt so bad for her!



kace said...

Brody is so cute! Glad to see I am not the only mama who wipes down high chairs and covers them with blankets... I seem to always forget my cover when I need it :)

Jenna said...

He is just too cute! B loveeees hangers too! And I'm like you...I sanitize those high chairs!