Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cutting Top Teeth

Brody has been kind of out of sorts for the past week or so and I thought ht may be trying to cut some more teeth and could never really see anything.. until yesterday!!! He was a little fussy yesterday and was crying and I saw it.. he is cutting a top tooth!!!!! I really knew it last night... I couldn't get him to go to sleep ( usually very easy) and he was so tired but was just crying cause he was hurting. He finally fell asleep but was up all night last night, rough night but we made it. He is doing a little better today after I gave him some oragel and Tylenol and now he is napping.

This picture was taken yesterday right when I figured he out he was cutting a top tooth! He loevs to stand in his pack n play now and he can barely see over , but he loves it and chews on the side and that is when I knew he had ot be cutting teeth!!
My sweet sweet baby boy


Jessica said...

Aw I know it hurts him. I just found 3 or 4 new teeth coming through in Riley's mouth too! Poor babies!

♥Kim said...

Poor thing! I hate it when they are teething and you can't do anything for them! :(

(Just a little fyi, moltrin seems to do better w/ fevers and teething w/ my little one and it last up to 8 hours instead of 4)
Just thought I might throw that in there! =)

He is so gorgeous, so glad we found each other's blogs! =D

Misty Rice said...

So yummy....

Thanks for the kind words.

Andrea said...

TOP tooth, I bet he's fussy! I totally dread those days.

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my gosh, he's going to look adorable with his little top tooth! I love it when babies get there teeth in.
We have that same pack and play. I hope its a good one?
I also hope that little Brody handles his tooth coming in ok. Poor little guy that has to hurt.