Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Toys!

Look at all of these toys!!! Thanks Aunt Tisha!!!!! My sister Tisha passed down some toys ( books and puzzles too) from her boys to Brody and we got them out today and we were going through some of them and he loved them all!! He was so amazed by some of them and didn't want to quite playing, but he was so sleepy his eyes were shutting. I need to find a big nice toy box now!! We have a lot of toys but they were all stuff animals and little things but now that Brody is getting older the toys are a lot bigger, any ideas on a good toy box??I found something new that Brody loves -- The Newspaper!! He was in the floor last night and got aholdof the newspaper and was having a ball until I took it away because he was getting black ink all over him!!

Brody is napping right now and he is doing better with his top tooth. It has now broke the skin a little bit and yesterday evening he kept grinding it against his bottom teeth, ekk!!!


Amanda said...

Katelyn STILL grinds her teeth and she is 6!! She does it when she is sleeping and it grosses me out so much.

Patrick couldn't stop talking about how cute Brody was at church on Sunday. He said "It's like if you took Terry and shrunk him down to baby size." haha.

♥Kim said...

We had to Desperately get our little guy a toy box! My husband is really good with building things, so he built my son's toybox out of all wood! I love it! He's very creative! Maybe your hub's can build one or surf the net/ or better yet craigslist may have plenty [un-expensive] ones!

Good luck!

Yay for toothies! :)

Check out our son's toy-box Here: copy and paiste!

jenn said...

he looks like he loves his new toys..he is a cutie

Annie said...

he scored big time! ;)
looks like it kept him busy for a little while.
seems like little ones tend to enjoy a lot of things that aren't toys.

amywelborn said...

We need some new toys around my hou se....I think my kids are bored with theirs!!

Meant to be a mom said...

I'm glad Brody's doing ok with the tooth situation. I just love those newspaper shots. He looks so tiny in them :).
And wow, his Aunt is awesome. Thats a ton of toys. He's going to have a blast.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

leave it to a kid...they always like the paper!!

Angela said...

Isnt that funny, all those toys and he likes the newspaper. He is getting so big. He's just precious!

Brittany said...

Hey girl! I am thinking about when Mialyn gets a little older getting her an Amish toy chest! They are rather expensive but they can use them for the rest of their life, and they even engrave whatever you want on them. When they get older they can use it for other things! You can pick whatever kind of wood and everything! They are NICE!