Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!!

Today is Christmas ever and yes I can't believe it is already here!!!

Yesterday we went to Mt. Sterling for a quick trip to visit some of Timmy's family and to drop off some gifts and then we made it back for church at 7:00. Then we went to my parents to have a birthday party for my nephew Landon he turned 4 on the 22nd and I forgot to do a post! Yes my sister had 2 Christmas babies and Brody was pretty close!!

We are all just hanging out at my parent's house today and then having a big meal around 4:00 and then opening presents from each other and my Sister Tisha, Matt, and Zach and Landon open all of theirs since they have to head back to Northern Ky tonight for Santa to come!!!! Brody is napping right now he is already wore out from playing this morning!! Happy 4th Birthday Landon Grant!!

My sweet nephew Zachary made me this beautiful jingle bell necklace and picture for Christmas and had it all wrapped up!! He is such a sweet heart and he loves his Aunt Lea!!

I hope that everyone has a Wonderful Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!! Remember the real reason for the season!!!
I am so excited about Brody Luke's 1st Christmas...
I was thinking about leaving you with a picture of what I looked like on Christmas Eve last year.. it was a sight to see!! I may leave it later tonight..
It's amazing that this time last year I had yet to meet my beautiful baby boy and he was kicking my belly like crazy and my life was simple and easy... and now I have this beautiful, sweet, precious baby boy who has changed my life forever in the most amazing way. God is so good!!!! I have been blessed with so much this holiday season and I know exactly who to thank!!!!
I am so excitied to share this Christmas with Brody Luke!!!


Misty Rice said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Merry Merry Christmas!!

Abbi said...

wow!! busy, busy time!! sounds like so much fun!!
hope yall had a great Christmas! can't wait to see pics!!