Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brody holds his sippy cup!!

Thank you for all of the Anniversary Wishes!!!

Yesterday was our anniversary and I had class.. I had told Timmy not to get me anything since Christmas just passed and we just re-did our bathrooms but when I got home from school he had 2 dozen roses and a very sweet letter waiting for me! He said 2 dozen roses for 2 wonderful years of marriage!!! We then went out to Dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, Meleni's. We were going to go to the movies or something after but it was already 6:00 and I hadn't saw Brody all day, so back home we went and got comfy and spent the evening with our baby boy!

Brody has been doing really good staying with my mom. He is still getting used to being away from me for such long periods at a time and not being able to nurse throughout the day and I miss him so much but I know he has a great time. I leave my camera with my mom so she can take some pictures to let me see what he did that day. His thing right now is BOOKS!! He loves book!! Mom said he sits and looks at his books all day!!!!!
It just amazes me each and every day how much Brody is growing up and the things he is doing. He is talking a lot more. This past weekend he has started saying Titus and it is so cute. He also says Mama, Dada, Dog and he babbles alot!! He looks like such a little man as he just walks throuu the house, plays in his room, and finds things to play with. He loves playing with pots and spoons the other evening he played in the kitchen floor with a big spoon and pot for 30 minutes.
Brody has also started giving kisses, real big kisses and they MELT MY HEART!!!! He opens that mouth so big to give me kisses!
Another thing he has figured out is.. well how do I say this.. his "pee-pee." Not sure about all of this.... he has figured out it is down there and he doesn't know why and he tugs and pulls at it ..ouch!! Oh little boys! Needed to put this here for a memory to remember..haha

BRODY IS NOW HOLDING HIS SIPPY CUP!!!!! YAY!!! I realize Brody is a year old but I guess where I nursed and he never really got used a bottle much he never learned to hold one and it has taken us this long but he started holding his own sippy cup and he looks like such a big boy!!!!!


E. Williamson said...

How cute is that! Looks like you might just have a little scholar on your hands with all those books.

he is just precious. I am so glad that you had a great anniversary. Here's to MANY MANY more!

The Dorns said...

Wow just turned a year and holding his sippy cup thats great. My daycare babies Im still trying to "train" and they are 15 months and 20 months and they hold the sippy, put it in their mouth but wont lift it up to drink. They don't have the concept that they have to lean back yet so the liquid will go into the spout. So that is wonderful that he is doing that on his own.

Brandi said...

Glad you had a great anniversary. Brody looks so big holding that sippy.

Courtney said...

Happy Two Years! I'm glad you got to spend a little time with your Hubby at dinner. I hope nursing school's going well and everything is falling into a new routine!

Jessica said...

Yay brody! He is looking more & more like his daddy! :) I love the mohawk! Glad to hear yall had a great anniversary!

Burtons Blessings said...

Such a cutie! I'm glad things are going well with the transition!

Rosie said...

He's going to be such a smart little boy! Changes of scenery sometimes do wonders on kids imagination.

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh Brody you are just too cute!!!
I know what you mean about missing him so much every day. Working/Going to school is so hard when you have to be away from your baby.
I'm glad to hear you had a great anniversary. What a sweet hubby you have. The flowers are just beautiful. I hope you have another absolutely wonderful year ahead of you guys.

Paige said...

Aw, the roses are so pretty and you're family picture is so sweet. You guys are adorable! Little Brody is turning into a toddler so quickly! It seems like yesterday I started following your blog and he was little bitty!

Stephanie said...

Such a sweet, adorable little boy!

Happy {late} anniversary to you and your dearie!

♥Kim said...

Hehe that's funny about the Peepee thing, I remember when H began doing that, I thought it was the cutest but funniest thing.
He is def. getting to be a big boy. Growing so fast & such a Hansome lil man. Beautiful Flowers, Happy (late) Anniversary Liz! (ours is 3/2 celebrate 2yrs too) How crazy! :)