Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Party..Rainy weekend

This weekend had been low key for us and it was kind of nice!! On Friday we went grocery shopping and to Toro Loco and we were in bed early! Saturday we went to Morgan's 1st Birthday Party!!! It was cupcake themed and so cute!! Little girls are so different than little boys! I spent my time running back and forth to the inflatable with Brody, he was just fascinated by it. He was just wanted to watch the kids in it and finally towards the end of the party he wanted in!
My sister Lindsey came home from Lexington on Saturday, so glad when she comes home! She watched Brody so me and Timmy could go see "Leigon."
Today it has been rainy and cold so we went to church, toro loco and back home and I took a long nap with Brody ( he is still napping)!!!
Back to class tomorrow and I am sure I will have a long/busy week!!


kace said...

you always dress brody so cute! have a good week!

The Wife said...

I love that big cupcake!

Juliana said...

Simply adorabe pictures! What a nice weekend!

Meant to be a mom said...

How fun, Happy birthday to her.
Looks like Brody had fun. I'm glad he finally tried out the Jupiter jump.