Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stitches, Babbling Abby, and a Baby Shower!

What a fun and exciting weekend I had!!!!! First let me say I know I haven't been blogging as much since I have started back to school but it is HARD to juggle everything!! I was blessed to be able to stay home with Brody for a year and be able ot have my laundry smelling fresh and clean and folded and put away as soon as it came out of the dryer and my house almost spotless each day but let me tell you It is now FAR FROM THAT!!!! Needless to say I haven't had much time on the computer either so I am going to try to keep up as much because I LOVE IT and I started this as like a scrapbook about Brody and I want to remmeber everything!!!

Saturday morning it snowed here a few incehs so we decided to head to NKY to my sister's house to celebrate the Baptism of my Nephew Zachary! There is always something with my family and you never know what to expect. I sure didn't expect to my giving my Brother In law Stitches!! It's a story let me tell you! Those of you who don't really know me or my family My bro-in-law Matt is a Family Practice Dr. One of the very best might I add:) We were getting ready for dinner last night when he and my sister were putting the leaf in their dining room table to try and accomodate the whole clan when something went wrong and he sliced his thumb. He wrapped it up so he could finish supper and we could eat and he said we would go down to his office atfer we ate to see if he would need stitches. I hate that he cut his finger ( I know it hurt so bad and he acted like it was nothing) but come on I'm in nursing school so I'm very interested in this stuff!! Anyways...Me, Dad, Matt, and Timmy went down to his office to see what we needed to do. Sure enough he said he needed a few stitches but it was going to be pretty hard to give himself stitches with hsi left hand since he hurt his thumb on his right hand so he needed help. This is where I come in :) I got my gloves on and he got the supplies out.. He had to have 3 shots of Lidocaine ( to numb) which went right into the cut.. he did the first one himself to show me ( how he did that I have no idea) and then I did the others and we started sticthing up. He helped me and showed me how it had to be done... I loved it!!! I felt so awesome "throwing" those stitches and I think I did a pretty good job for my first time :) At least he said I did.. he would say that though I am his favorite sister in law!!! I then asked how long it would have taken him to do this to a patient and he said he would have been done in 5 minutes.. umm we were there for an hour and a half:) Needless to say... I am going to school to be a nurse not a Dr. so I will never be giving stitches unless my Brother In Law cuts himself again ( I don't want thaat to happen but it was an awesome experience.) Here are some pictures.. didn't have my camera with me so these with taken with my Phone!

I finally got to meet a Bloggy friend so now we can be right Real Life Friend's right Abby???? Abby lives in NKY and goes to the same church as my sister and we ran into each other today!! We felt like we already knew each other!! She is just as sweet, adorable, friendly, and fun in persson as she is on her blog!!!!! So glad we got to meet each other!!!! If you don't read her Blog Babbling Abby head on over, you will just love her and her adorable little son Beckham!!
Today was also on my of Best Friend's Brittany's baby shower. She is having a little girl in March! She has a son, Carter and so she is so excitied to be having a little girl ( so am I.. I can buy girly things). She has a great shower and got so many cute girly things!!!!
The Diaper Bag I got her that I just LOVE!!

Of course I can't do a post without my baby boy on here... My baby is playing with a big boy monster truck? He is too little!!!! Look at what a big boy he looks like??


Misty Rice said...

Im jealous... I want to put in stitches. LOL

So question.... when a full time nursing student... do you ever have to change a bed pan?

That is my weakness. I can handle open wombs, blood.... but I can NOT handle human waste. Unless of course (and even that is barely) my own childrens.


Rosie said...

You are so brave to stitch someone else up. I would have passed out!

Jessica said...

You got some good practice in with those stitches! Wow! That's so cool that you met Abby! I would like to meet a bloggy friend too! So neat!

Meant to be a mom said...

Great post. How exciting you go to do stitches. What a nice brother in law you have. I feel bad for him but I'm glad you were able to help.
Congrats to your bf on being prego with her little girl. It looks like she got some good stuff at her shower.
How fun you got to meet a blog friend. She and her son look so sweet.
And lastly that picture of Brody does look all grown up. He's getting so big.

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog look! Sounds like you're staying busy! How fun on the stitches!

the davidsons said...

You're a heck of a sister in law!

E. Williamson said...

Seriously I don't know how you do it. I couldn't imagine giving stitches... ouchy! Though, I would love to work in the L&D as a nurse. I could totally see myself doing that. I just love stuff like that.

Also, I am glad that you like your blog design. As I get better at it I will owe you another one. :) Thanks again for the practice.

Paige said...

Don't you just LOVE that first experience of doing something in the medical field?! The first wreck that I worked, I will never forget. It was pretty horrible but it was a great experience too. You look adorable in those pictures sporting the gloves, cute!

Buffy said...

Girl you are so funny! I have been a nurse for 13 years and I love to take out stiches/staples! I have taken stiches out of several family members, but never put any in:) Good Luck in nursing school and enjoy--once you get out in the work force you will look back at school as one of the best times of your life!! Take Care!

Annie said...

crazy, you had to give him stitches. i would have been so nervous!
how fun to meet another blogger in RL!
looks like you had a great weekend hun!
how exciting your bestie is having a little girl! :) fun!!
your little guy is growing up ;)
such a cutie!
hope you have a great week hun!

Juliana said...

You go girl! I may need you here with this lil boy running around I am sure he is bound to need stitches at some point. I love your blog and you and your baby are precious. I am a new follower!