Friday, February 5, 2010

Brody Luke-- 13 months old!

13 Months Old

Brody Luke,

It seems like you were just turning a year old yesterday and now you are already 13 months old? You make life such a joy Brody that it is just going by way too fast!!! Alot of changes have happened this past month for you and for me. You have started staying with your Grandma while Mommy goes to school and you are doing great!! You have adjusted well and love staying with her! You are becoming such a big boy right before my eyes!!!!!! You are the most wonderful blessing Brody Luke and I thank God each and every day for giving me such a sweet, healthy, beautiful baby boy! It is so hard to believe that I am the mother to a 13 month old? You grew up way too fast!!

At 13 months old you weigh around 23 lbs and are around 31" long. We have moved you up to a sz 4 in diapers and you are wearing 12-18 months in clothes. You do not eat baby food anymore and you aren't the best eater in the world. You love your snckas and you love fruit! You love mandarin oranges, grapes, and blueberries! You aren't a big fan of meat of any kind. You are still nursing ( just not as often and mosty at night). You won't drink whole milk very much but love ice water and juice.

You are starting to say more words and babble a whole lot more. You say, Mama, Dada, Titus, Ty-Ty, Dog, and your own version of I love you. You love to give kisses and hugs! You can now give high fives too! You love to play basketball and love all kinds of toys. You just amaze me each and every day!You are such a good, sweet baby boy Brody but you know howt o throw a good fit every now and then too!

I am so thankful and blessed Brody Luke.

I'll Love you Forever
I'll Like You for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you will be!!!

Happy 13 months Brody Luke!




Brandi said...

What a big boy! Time flies! My baby will be 14 months in a few days...SAD!!!! Our boys are growing way too fast!!!!

Maveric's Mommy said...


Abbi said...

happy 13 months broody!! gosh time flies!
love the pic!

Jessica said...

It goes by so fast!! Happy 13 months Brody!

Annie said...

Brody just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Our Blake will be 14 months next week...such a fun age :)

A Wedding Story said...

Sweet little boy! What a cutie pie.

Burtons Blessings said...

LOVE that picture!

Suz said...

I cannot believe he is 13 months old already!!! It sure does fly by, doesn't it! He is such a sweet boy!!! Glad everything is going great for you guys!

E. Williamson said...

Such a sweet picture! What a darling little boy!

Melissa said...

what a sweet little face!
how blessed you are!!!

and i love that book you quoted at the end :)