Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day!

I am finally finding some time to blog even if I should be cleaning my house!!! I have alot to catch up on!!

Snow Snow Snow!!! We are in the middle of a big snow storm and right now we have about 4 inches and it is still coming down! I had lab today to do my Physical Assessment Check off (30 minute skill) at 12:30 but I just don't think Me and Brittany will be able to make it! I am not risking my life! College is not cancelled but everything else in the area is.. we are not going to risk it. 1st Snow Day for us!!!
 So instead I am going to try and get caught up on laundry and my house and spend the day cuddling/playing with my sweet baby boy!!

This past weekend on Saturday we got some snow as well just a few inches and Brody would sit at the door and just cry because he wanted to go outside! He just wanted to go out and walk in it for a few minutues. So I would bundle him up and take him out for a few minutes at a time!

Sunday was Superbowl! We celebrated it at my parent's like we do every year! Some of My aunts and uncles come over and my little brother invites his friends and we have good food! I don't ever watch the game, I do watch some of the commericals but I was busy trying to study!

Brody has been learning all kinds of new things! He has now started to "dance" when music comes on. He doesn't bend his knees he dances with his arms! It is too cute! My mom has started the Baby Can read Program with him and he has really started cathing on to things. He has learned "Hands up & Hands down." He used to wave byebye sometimes but not very often but now he knows Byebye and he waves. He is also learning some different animal words! It amazes me!!!

Brody LOVES eating cereal with his Daddy! Yes my husband eats a bowl of cereal that large and I think Brody could eat one just about the same size too!



Abbi said...

The snow is sooo pretty! i'm jealous! i know you're probably sick of it but i love it!!
Broody is getting so big and soooo smart! how adorable!!

Abby said...

Enjoy your snowday with your boy! If what we have here is any indication of what you're going to get, be prepared! Stay warm :)

(PS. Will you send that pic to babblingabby(at)gmail(dot)com? Thanks!!!!)

Jessica said...

We finally had some snow down here too yesterday! That's so funny about the cereal! My husband eats that much at a time too! Enjoy your snow day!!

The Wife of a Fisherman said...

cute pictures! & yay for a snow day. i have always wondered it that teach your baby to read program worked. did yall order it off the tv?

Rosie said...

Oh my word that is a lot of snow! And almost as much cereal. LOL.

Paige said...

I'm jealous of the snow that you all have! It's so pretty! Brody looks like a little man walking around outside! So precious. & Wow, that is a huge bowl of cereal! But such a cute picture for them to look back on!

Burtons Blessings said...

My mother in law got us Baby Can Read too! We haven't started it yet though.

Annie said...

ha...my hubby eats cereal in a huge bowl too! Like a huge tupperware bowl...it only takes him like 3 bowls to finish off a box.

Brody looks so sweet in his little boots!!

Meant to be a mom said...

I absolutely love the picture of brody in in his cowboy boots in the snow. So cute.
I'm glad you are doing well.
How cute that he has started "Arm" dancing. So funny.

Sarah said...

hey girl. I wanna feature you for my lovely blogger post. e-mail me at sarah_dailyshine@yahoo.com for details

Jen said...

Just found your blog - It (and Baby Brody!) are so cute!