Thursday, February 11, 2010

Packages especially for Brody Luke!

Brody has recieved his very first Valentine's Day packages in the mail this week!!!! He got one from My sister Tisha, Matt, Zach and Landon! They got him a super cute book, puppy, sent us candy, a drawing and valentine's! Kaye ( Nonnie) sent Brody his very first chocolate sucker from Ruth Hunt, a card with stickers, and a a little Tree growing kit to plant outside!!

I am so ready for spring!!! I am ready for this snow to be gone, but I hear we are supposed to be getting another snow on Sunday!!! Come on Spring and Summer Brody wants to play outside!!!!!

Today we did a little shopping and we got Brody a little Valentine's Day present. His first little basketball! He loved it and even fell asleep in the truck holding it.

We also went to watch my little brother play basketball tonight. Brody loves going but he will not sit still. He wants to be out on the floor playing ball with them!

I had said a few posts ago that Brody had started dancing with his hands, well as of today he is dancing with his legs too! It is the cutest thing ever! I will try and put a video on! He dances up and down and then falls on his butt.

Brody is really starting to become a Daddy's Boy! I told him today that he is Daddy's Boy but he is Mommy's Baby!!! :) Brody loves to play chase around the house with Timmy and he just laughs and laughs and it is just precious!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!!!



Abby said...

Aw, I love when the boys play with their dads! But totally agree with the mommy's baby thing! Happy Valentine's Weekend :)

Heather said...

How cute is Brody!? Yay for your guy getting a V-day package! Love all the photos, and hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Abbi said...

how sweet!!!
love his vest and his stripes!

Shanna said...

Brody got spoiled for Valentine's Day! So fun! How cute is that asleep with his new basketball! I agree with you I am sick of the snow & cold...bring on Spring for many reasons!

Annie said...

so many cute pictures!
i love that your family sends your little man gifts, too sweet!!
have a wonderful valentines day and a great weekend hun!

Meant to be a mom said...

Brody is just so darn cute.
I love his little boots he wears.
How super sweet of your sis and fam to send a fun Valentine for Brody. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

Katie said...

Awww yea for his first Valentine's package!! He is so adorable!

Andrea said...

Brdoy is so beautiful!! BTW I forgot to get his Valentine's card from you haha, Love You

kace said...

such a lil cutie! good to start him early with the basketball:) ha! happy valentine's day!!

♥Kim said...

That's so sweet of your family. Isn't it the cutest thing when they start dancing. He's such a big boy.

(I'm super late, catching up, but I miss reading about your Brody)