Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Brody Luke-- 16 months Old

16 Months Old
Brody Luke,

Once again where does the time go? I loev to keep writing these letters so that I can always look back and see what you were learning and doing each little month your grew!

You are so cute.. you are napping on the couch right now. We have been outside all morning and to the goat barn 2 times already today. The goat barn is your favorite place to go. You looking taking a "ride" on the ranger up to see the goats. You can say Goat and you Baaaa.

You are cutting a tooth today and you aren't even cranky. Cutting teeth is no big deal to you anymore. I can't keep up with how many teeth you have right now, if ou were awake I would come over and count!

You weigh 24 lbs and you are 33in. You are wearing a sz 4 in diaper and anywhere from 18-24 months in clothes. You are still nursing, mostly at nap time and night.

You love to play outside! You kick and scream when I try to bring you in! You have such a cute and sweet personality and you laugh alot! You love to cuddle and give lots of hugs and kisses!

You can say alot of words and are starting to try and repeat alot of things. Some new words are fish, bananna, cow, and Hello.

I am so very blessed and thankful to have you as my little baby boy. I hope that I can always teach you the right things and that you grow up to be a sweet Christian young man. You are my everything!!!!!!!!

Happy 16 months!!!



Andrea said...

Happy 16 months Brody Luke LOVE YOU

Jessica said...

Wow time is flying! Happy 16 months Brody!

Robyn Beele said...

The pictures of him in his diaper are too cute!

Abbi said... cute and getting so big!
love his lil outfit! too cute!

jenn said...

you are getting so big!!!! happy 16 months