Friday, May 7, 2010

Water Baby

The weather has been beautiful here the past couple of days and Brody and I have been taking full advantage of it. Brody loves to be outside love, love, love's it!!!! He hates when it is time to come inside. The pool has been open for about 4 weeks and has had some time to warm up so we decided to have a pool day on Wednesday and Thursday. Brody loved it. I am so glad he had swmming class to get used to the water. I am so glad I have a water baby! Oh and I think I just may have the cutest little water baby ever!!

I took my last final yesterday morning, woo hoo! I am so glad to be done with school and stress-free ( from school) until August!!!!!!!!!!!

Just looking back..
Here is a picture of Brody's 1st trip to the pool last summer ( He was 4 months old) and a picture of his 1st trip to pool this summer (16 months old)!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day weekend!!!!



Jessica said...

Look how excited he is! I feel the same way when I go to the pool! Haha!

jenn said...

he looks so excited..we are thinking about getting a swim float like that for pax, does it work good?

Heather said...

These pics are so cute and it looks like he loves the water!! I am so ready to go to the pool now!

Andrea said...

Lea, you look great, both you and brody have changed so much in those pictures LOL

Rosie said...

He He! Brody is so happy to be at the pool!
Happy Mother's Day!

Brandi said...

Your little swimmer is just adorable. He looks so much bigger from last year. What a cutie! Yeah for a no school summer...woohoo!!!! Yeah, it was 95 today so we hit the pool for the first time this year. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Such cute pictures!! Looks like fun. :) Love the picture of you 2, sweet! Hope your mother's day is great! :)