Thursday, June 10, 2010

17 Months Old

17 Months Old

Brody Luke,

I know this letter is a few days late but we got home from vacation and had a busy weekend and your Mama almost forgot you turned 17 months old this Last Saturday (5th). I am sorry, but a few days late won't hurt.

You are growing up so fast right before my eyes. You are turning into such a little "man" and sometimes I forget your still my baby. You are about 25 lbs and you are getting so tall. You are wearing 18-24 month clothes and sz 4 in diapers. You are starting to eat more real foods and not being so picky. You love pasta, bread, ketchup, ranch, chicken, french fries, fruit, chicken pot pies, pizza and all sorts of snacks. One of your new favorites I got for you are Gerber Gummies, you eat them like crazy! You are still nursing some ( at night, if anyone has any weaning tips, LET ME KNOW!) I bought you a big boy frog potty yesterday to start introducing it to you because you are now saying "poop" when you have went, so I think it is time to start introducing it to you.

You are talking, alot! Always jabbering and are saying more and more new words each and every day. Some new words of yours are, Poop, Matt, Bob, Go, No, Shoes.. A cute thing you do is when you want to go outside you come to mommy bring me your shoes and you sit down and say shoes, out. So precious. You still love being outside and riding on the rangers, your favorite thing to do. You are still such a sweet sweet boy and love giving hugs and kisses. You have started blowing kisses too! You do know how to throw a fit too especially when you are sleepy!!!!!!

I am so blessed to have you Brody and that you are such a healthy wonderful baby boy!!!!

Happy 17 Months!!




Abby said...

He's getting so big, Lea Liz! So absolutely precious too!

I am so jealous you are still nursing. We made it around 14 months, but I would have gone longer had he allowed it! I would wean when he's ready OR when you're ready. Whatever works for both of you.

Happy 17 months, Brody!

Your Wedding Hostesses said...

I can't believe how big he's getting and soooo handsome! What a magical time for you!

Courtney said...

He is really turning out to be a handsome young man! Happy 17th months!!!!!

Brandi said...

Time just flies by way too fast doesn't it! I bet our boys would be besties if we lived closer! What a cutie patootie you have!

Meant to be a mom said...

Brody really is getting so big.

I love that he tells you he pooped when he goes. That is awesome. He'll be potty trained early if he keeps that up:)

Happy 17 months little Mr. Brody!