Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love the weekends!

On Friday my friend Michelle and her ltitle boy Maverick came down to visit and play with Brody & I. I had not saw Maverick since he was first born and now he is 7 months old. He is such a doll and just smiled the whole time they were here. Brody loved playing with him and gave him lots of hugs & Kisses.

On Saturday we went to Mt Sterling so I could get fitted for my BIL & Soon to be SIL dress for their upcoming wedding in September. I am so excitied for them.. they are going to have a beautiful wedding. After that we went to Timmy's dads new house so he could help him work on his pool and then back home. Today we went to Church, Toro Loco, out to the pool, and then Tommy, Andrea & Gage came over for the evening. We had a great weekend! Tomorrow Timmy is off work and we have to go to Lexington for something he has to do for work! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Look at Brody.... I was getting ready for church this morning and I notced he was very quiet so I looked out into the hallway and this is what I saw. He loves Whales and he had gotten itno the whole box, I guess he was hungry!



Shannon said...

So glad you had a great weekend! I love the pic in the hallway..absolutely hilarious! :)

The Wife of a Fisherman said...

ahh! i love brody's face when he gets caught with the whales!! precious :)

Sarah said...

He is getting so big. He looks more like a little boy in this pic than a baby! :)

Jessica said...

So cute, as always! I can't get over how grown up Brody looks in that last picture. I love the face he's making too!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

Absolutely adorable pictures! And sounds like a great weekend!

Meant to be a mom said...

Those boys are so cute!

And that last picture of Brody is great. He looks like a little boy in that picture. Not as much of a baby. A little boy getting into some food without asking mommy :)