Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mean looks...

As you all know I have a very very sweet baby boy, Brody Luke. He can be so sweet but yet he know's how to throw some fits as well. He is at a hard age as for I don't really know how to discipline him in the correct manor and to teach him that we don't throw fits. I do my best though because I will not have my child throwing fits and pulling at my hair. Yet he is only 17 months and he is my baby. I know that they all go through this stage at one point or another.  There has also been several times where he wakes up from a nap hysterical, he screams and screams and nothing comforts him ( I am his mother I know exactly how to comfort him and what works). I try everything and evenutally he will get clamed down but it does take awhile, I am thinking he has a very bad dream or wakes up scared or something. He has done this about 3-4 times, one time being yesterday which brings me to my story.

We were in Lexington at Hamberg shopping while my Hubby was at a Physical with a dr for his work... my sister met me and Brody fell asleep in his stroller and we shopped for awhile and then she had to leave to go back to work so while Brody was still napping I continued shopping ( it was nice) well after about an hour or so he woke up from his nap screaming hysterically and very upset so I rushed out of Aeropostale to get him out of the stroller and give him something to drink and a snack. Well I got him out of the stroller and he was still screaming he didn't really want to be held or he didn't want down and I just knew it was " one of those times." I quickly called my hubs and asked how much longer he would be and continued trying to comfort him all while it is 90 degrees outside but I didn't want to take him into a store screaming. I tried juice, snacks, paci, toys, it DID NOT WORK. I hate when this happens because I hate not being able to calm him down but what really got me upset yesterday was the looks I got from several other Mother's. I may be a young mother but I am a very responsible one at that, I have always taken care of my child ( except for while I went to school) and not that there is anything at all wrong with a night away from your child I have yet to even let anyone keep Brody over night and he is 17 months old. I don't think I would be able to function without him. Brody goes everywhere with me and I do disipline him when he needs it as much as you do for an 17 month old so please when my precious baby boy is screaming/crying don't give me a nasty look as if I have no clue what I am doing. I got several mean looks/stares from a few mother's pushing their children in strollers. When I see a mother with a child upset the last thing I do is give a nasty look... I have a child of my own and even though he is perfect in my eyes in all reality he throws fits, he gets upset, it is normal!!!!!!!! It just upset me.. so maybe they thought he was being a bad little boy and crying and throwing a fit because I wouldn't let him have something, he is 17 months old not the case....I hate for anyone to give me and my precious baby boy mean looks all because he is upset, extremely upset. Oh well.. my husband told me I can't let little things like that get to me.. It just got me thinking..

Anyways.. finally my husband made it to get us and he took Brody and got him a little calmed down and once we got into the car I was able to get him calmed down and off to Johnny Carinos we went for lunch and he was perfectly fine!!

How could you not just hug and cuddle this little guy all the time??



Jessica said...

Seriously! I can't stand it when another mom, especially gives you a look like "can you not make your kid shut up?" Makes me so mad bc you know they have to understand how you already feel when your child is throwing a fit in public. I get all frantic anyway. I agree with your husband. You know you are a wonderful mommy & let's face it, kids act up every now & then.

Burtons Blessings said...

Girl I know what you mean! B has been doing this lately too. He will just roll all over the floor at home screaming and crying. I hate not knowing what is wrong. He is usually so laid back. I guess they have a hard time expressing themselves and that is the only way they know how right now. When he does this i usually give him a paci and it helps, but i'm afraid we are creating a monster with that since he usually only gets it at naptime and the car.

The Trout Family said...

Girl, we know how you feel! She thinks it's funny to hit in the face or to rip someone's glasses off the face. I am ready Toddler-Wise and Happiest Toddler on the Block. Mine is also not eating much and likes to tell me "no". I think we have some fun times coming up! Let me know if you find something that works, and I'll do the same!

Paige said...

I cannot stand it whenever people give me the "dirty look" too. Like we do not have enough to worry about as it is. I just wish that people would remember back to how it was whenever they were a young Mother. I sometimes think it's a "Oh she is a single Mom" look, those are the worse. You are a wonderful Mom and Brody is the most precious little thing ever!

Brittney said...

Don't let other mom's get to you! I think all first time mommies (no matter how young or old they may be) feel insecure at times, but we ALL try our hardest. I can tell from reading your blog that you're a great mom! We've all dealt with meltdowns, so hopefully those women were just giving you sympathetic looks!

Meant to be a mom said...

I completely understand what you mean. There are some really mean and hateful people out there who judge without knowing at all what is going on. Honestly you should not feel bad or bothered by those people at all. They should be ashamed of themselves. It will happen to them to one day, if it hasn't already.
You are an amazing mother. I may not personally know you but from what I do know. You truly are great to your sweet little Brody.
I'm just sorry to hear that it happened at such a inconvenient time. Poor you, and poor Brody. You are completely right about kids having "moments" randomly, especially at his age.
I hope he starts to feel better and doesn't keep waking up that way.