Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have so many things to post about and so many pictures to add.. I am BEHIND!!!!!! I am going to try and play catch up this week.

Had a great Family weekend.. I left my camera over at my parent's and don't feel like going and getting it right now (lazy) so I will try and post about my weekend tomorrow.

Last Sunday I left and went to Lexington until Wednesday with my parents. My little brother was going to UK's basketball game ( 5th year, he loves it) and he doesn't stay in the dorm so I decided to go and stay too. Who doesn't love living in a hotel for a few days? I know Brody and I sure do!!! We had a lot of fun.. I took Brody to Lexington's Explorium ( Children's museum) and he absolutely loved it!! We went out to eat to all of our favorite restaurant's ( PF Chang's, Atomic Cafe, Tandoor, Thai Orchid, Johnny Carino's YUM), went to Joseph Beth, did alot of shopping, and visited some family and friends!! It was fun and as much as I love staying in hotels I Brody and I were ready to get home to our house and our cozy bed!!!! Timmy also suprised us and came home on Tuesday( day before his brithday) he decided the trainging he was doing in Atlanta was not for him, he didn't think he would like the job! He still has his old job and goes back tomorrow.. so there will be no moving!!!

Hope everyone had a Great Weekend!!!

-- I am looking to re-do my blog..It needs majorly updated!!! I don't want to do anything that is very exspensive and wouldn't mind even trying to do soemthing myself!! If you have any tips or suggestions of anyeone that could help or would be willing to help.. please let me know!!!



Meghan said...

They have some cute blog designs here and they are FREE!

Tara Gibson said...

what sweet pictures of your little boy! he is adorable!