Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our weekend

We had a great weekend with our family!

On Thursday my sister and nephews called and to "talk" and told me to make sure and not put Brody down for his nap.. you knew what that meant they were surprising us and coming up!!! Brody was so excited when he saw them walk through the front door!!!!!!!!! I love it that he gets to so excited to see his cousins!!
On Friday the boys all just played and then we went to Morehead so Timmy could get a hair cut and out to Chinese and then we just went country cruising for a little while. Then when we got back My brother in law had came up too! We were all sitting around talking when we heard some major crying/screaming... my nephew Zachary was on the tennis court riding a scooter and he fell face first. He ended up being okay just busted his face up some, but we were sure glad his Dad was here!!

Sunday we got up very early to go to NKY to surprise my sister Tisha. Matt had set it up for all us to come up and go to church and out to brunch to celebrate my sister finishing her Master's. Surprisingly we all were able to keep it a secret and she was so surprised. We went to brunch at the Radisson in Covington at their 360 Restaurant, it was absolutely delicious!!! After we ate we went out and walked around a car show and you can bet Brody absolutely loved it since he is so into "Hot Rod's."



Jessica said...

Yay for your sister on her Masters! The view from that restaurant looks amazing! Oh & I just got caught up on your last post. I'm glad Timmy decided it wasn't for him before y'all made the move!

Abby said...

I recognized Main Strasse as soon as I saw the pics! Isn't the 360 amazing?! My mom recently did a wedding there.

PS. Your post isn't showing up unless I highlight it with my cursor on my computer. Just thought you'd want to know :)

Annie said...

Looks like a fun weekend with family :)

Heather said...

Looks like a great weekend! Love all the pics, girl you are beautiful!