Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brody Luke-- 19 months Old

19 Months Old

Brody Luke,

You are 19 months old today and once again I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday you were learning to walk and turning a year old. Now you are all over the place and learning so many new things. You are talking so much, I don't even know all of the words you say. You can say just about any word that anyone asks you. Your big new words right now are.. Thank you, Hot Rod, Please. You are also starting to be able to put words together.. Happy Birthday, Night Night Mommy, Night Night Daddy. I love your little voice and there is still nothing sweet then when you say Mama.  You love watching cartoons and your favorite movie to watch is Finding Nemo. We never take it out of the car and as soon as you get to the car you say "Nemo Nemo."

You are wearing sz 18-24 months in clothes and a sz 4 diaper. You aer probabaly still around 27 lbs and you are so healthy!! You love to eat!!!! As of last night.. I started trying to wean from breast feeding and it went pretty good! You are still taking your paci.

You are such a sweet baby boy. You love riding the rangers outside, your little 4-wheeler in the house and a new thing you love to play with are Hot Rods... you love little cars that you can push around the house.

I am so glad I am your Mommy Brody Luke. Being a mom is a hard job but it is so worth it and I wouldn't trade being a mother for anything in this world. I thank God each day for your health and for you.

Happy 19 months!!!

I'll Love you forever
I'll Like you for always
As Long as I'm Living
My Baby You will be.




Abby said...

Happy 19 months, little man!!

(I still can't see your blog post unless I highlight it with my cursor!)

Annie said...

Happy 19 months Brody Luke!!

Brandi said...

Look at that hair, what a cutie!!! He looks soooo big!!!!! Sweet boy!

jenn said...

he is getting so big!!!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

He's adorable!